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October 2016

Stringing Choices For Beading And Jewelry Making

One very important lesson I learned is that there is no one, all-purpose (Universal) stringing material.

Here are the major stringing materials along with how and when to use each of them.

SILK THREAD: Silk has a wondrous “hand” (a soft, flexible feel). This thread comes in many sizes and colors. It comes packaged on spools, and “carded” with an attached needle. This is a classic stringing material and forms beautiful knots between pearls and beads. But, silk tends to be relatively fragile. It can stretch, be cut by abrasive beads, rot when wet, and pearls strung on silk should be re strung every few years. It is best to use silk when stringing pearls and lightweight, smooth-holed beads, only. A needle is necessary.

NYLON THREAD: (Nymo): This thread also comes in many sizes and colors. It comes packaged on spools, on bobbins, and “carded” with a needle attached. Nylon can be used where-ever silk can and is not as fragile. This material knots beautifully and can be used for pearl stringing, in some strung jewelry, seed beadwork, loom weaving, for Peyote and other specialty stitches, and heishi.

Nylon stretches much less than silk, and it won’t rot when wet. Like silk, you shouldn’t use beads with sharp edged holes or that are heavy. When you use nylon thread, I would recommend you coat your thread with bee’s wax or “Thread HeavenTM” before use to prevent it from fraying. A needle is necessary.

BONDED NYLON: This is a much stronger form of nylon thread. The strands are physically bonded together for extra strength and abrasion protection. Although it knots well, it doesn’t have the hand of silk. Bonded nylon comes in a variety of colors and smaller spools. Because of its abrasion resistance, you can use it with “hard”, more abrasive gem beads; in fact this comes close to being a “Universal Thread”. Brand names include: “Stringth” or “Silkon”. A needle is necessary, although you can put “Super Glue” on the end to form a “Self-needle”. This is a favorite beading material of mine.

FISHING LINE: This material is a hard, semi-rigid, single strand of plastic. It doesnt knot well, and in time sunlight or ultraviolet light can cause it to weaken and fall apart. Fishing line is purchased on small spools and is sold in sporting goods stores. Personally, I use fishing line for two purposes. I use it to do my preliminary stringing while I am designing a necklace (I transfer the beads to a better material for the final product), and to string together “raw” strands of beads. There is no needle necessary. I would never use this material for a final beaded piece.

Choose The Elegant Women Evening Dress For A Special Occasion-tradetang

Elegant evening dresses are the most apt attire for evening events that demand formal dress code. There is an endless list of style and patterns in which evening dresses are designed from TradeTang. From high school proms to weddings to Oscar nights, elegant formal evening dresses make their presence felt everywhere.

Elegant Evening Dresses: Designs and Styles

Elegant evening dresses come in every shade of rainbow. Although, evening dresses are mostly synonymous with elegant black evening dresses, other colors of the palette also look equally pretty. Black, silver, white, red are some favorite colors in evening dresses. Fuchsia, orange, pink, lemon yellow, emerald green are for the bolder women who have the requisite style to carry these colors. Midnight blue, magenta, purple, violet, turquoise are the colors which can suit any woman.

The length of the evening dress is primarily responsible to determine the formality of the event. Short dresses look great at semi formal events such as evening parties, cocktails parties or homecoming. You can also wear a short dress to the prom, if you want a youthful appearance. Whereas, formal occasions are incomplete without full length evening gowns. Long evening gowns look stunning at occasions such as prom nights, weddings, graduation parties or business events. More on cocktail dresses and prom dresses.

Elegant evening dresses are available in range of sizes from 0 to 32. Thus, there is an evening dresses for women of every body type. It simply accentuates the curves of curvy women and hide flaws of stout women. Slender and petite women look particularly stunning in evening dresses. Plus size elegant evening dresses are also easily available, to cater the needs of heavily built women. Thus, size should not be an issue, if you are interested in buying an evening dress.

There are innumerable styles in evening dresses, which can cater to every woman’s need. For long evening dresses, mermaid, A line and sheath are the prominent styles. Pleats and layers are often used to highlight the feminine charm of evening dresses. Besides, there are myriad styles of necklines, from the conservative closed ones to plunging necklines. An evening dresses can be designed in a conservative manner so as to secure the modesty of a woman or it can be designed in a revealing manner to make a style statement. Conservative dresses are closed at the legs and provide full coverage to legs and cleavage. More on cocktail dresses and prom dresses.

Classic and elegant evening gowns are a must have in the wardrobe of every woman. Vintage gowns also make an equally appealing statement. TradeTang provide classic and elegant evening gowns and evening dresses.Huge selection of special occasion dresses, cheap evening dresses,wedding dresses and more dresses on sale.

Scottish Clothing – Traditional Dress

Traditional Scottish clothing is characterised by the appearance of tartan or plaid patterns in some form. Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours. Originally it was made from woven cloth, but now additional materials are also used.

Until the middle of the 19th century, highland tartans were associated with regions or districts, rather than by any specific clan or family. This was due to the fact that the designs were produced by local weavers, with a limited range of local dyes and for local tastes.

Male Scottish dress includes a kilt or trews, sporrans and gillie brogues.

The kilt is a knee-length skirt with pleats at the rear. It was first worn in the 16th century, by men and boys in the Scottish Highlands. It is typically made from one piece of fabric that is wrapped around and fastened at the side.

Since the 19th century, it has been associated with the wider culture of Scotland in general, or with Celtic – and more specifically Gaelic – heritage further afield.

Today, the Scottish kilt is most frequently worn on formal occasions or at Highland games and sports events. It has, however, all been adapted for more mainstream fashion, and can be seen on catwalks across the globe, worn by Scottish and non-Scottish fans alike.

The sporran is made of leather or fur, and serves as a wallet and container for any other necessary personal items, as the traditional Scottish kilt does not have pockets.

In medieval times, it would have been attached to the belt. Today, it generally hangs just below the belt buckle on a chain, but can be turned around the waist, to let it hang on the hip in a more casual and convenient position.

Gillie brogues are traditional thick-soled shoes, with no tongues and long laces. The laces are secured by wrapping them around the ankles then tied. The shoes deliberately lack tongues, so the wearer’s feet can dry more quickly in typically damp Scottish weather.

The Gillie brogue is named after the Gillie, the traditional Scottish gamekeeper and outdoorsman.

Traditionally, women and girls didnt wear kilts, but sometimes wore ankle-length plaid skirts. In the absence of this, or in addition, a tartan sash or shawl may also be worn to indicate clan affiliation.

Female dress also includes gillie shoes that are tied on the same way as their male counterparts, but they tend to have thin soles for indoor wear and dancing.

Women may also wear dress tartans, which have white threads woven into the patterns. The light colour of this fabric was a status symbol. It was used to demonstrate prosperity, because the wearer could wear the tartan without fear of it being soiled.

White tartan was also worn to social events as a sign of peace and harmony – indicating it would not be stained by bloodshed.

Are There Still Unsecure And Safe Shops Online

Let us say you found a $50 tablet computer online. Seems like a great deal. You feel wonderful that you chose not to shop at those branded retail online stores or you would not have found that great buy. The site even had those legal looking disclaimers and it asked all the right information about shipping details. And there was that thing that said it was secure. The question is, it is really secure?

The rule of thumb with online shopping is that if you have no clue from which business you are buying anything from don’t even try to shop there. You will risk losing money and personal information.

Security does not always mean convenience all the time. Most online shopping sites are open 24×7 from each and every corner of the globe. They try to vie for your attention by offering deals and attractive offers like comparison pricing, free gifts, discounts and free shipping. Most people who would like to save on gas and time, find shopping online very appealing.

However, are there still unsecure online shops that can wreak havoc in your life? The answer is yes.

If you would like to shop safely online, you need to abide by some basic security considerations:

1. Reputable online shops mean better protection. Shop with the more popular online retailers. Bigger retailers have more to lose if their reputation for security gets tossed out so they ensure that their sites are protected as much as possible. Their reputation is at stake if your information gets misused through any laxity of security on their part.

2. When you are in doubt, check out the retailer. If you find a great deal at an online store you have never heard of, look at their home page. Click the contact us link and look at the information. If there are no verifiable phone numbers and there is only an email address available, avoid that retailer like the plague. If there is a phone number, it would be best if you can try to call. If no human answers, or if the human can’t give you answers that make sense, do not risk shopping at that site.

3. Having encryption does not always mean security. When you shop online and you are about to enter the credit card information take a look at your browser’s address bar. You need the “http” to change into “https” plus a closed padlock icon needs to appear on the page. This padlock informs you that your information is secure. If that padlock is nowhere to be found and the URL does not change to “https” do not enter your credit card information. Even when there is the padlock and the “https”, it won’t hurt to look at the company’s privacy policy.

Another rule of thumb is that if the URL contains numbers in the beginning, like, chances are, it is a scam.

4. Avoid using shared computers. Shared computers, especially the kind you see at a cyber-cafe is never safe. Many hackers can install a small device called the keylogger on the back of the keyboard. It is a device that captures everything you type. There are times when the keylogger is installed as software and therefor very hard to detect. The best thing to do is to avoid using shared computers when typing important information as credit card details or passwords.

5. Never pay with a debit card. Credit cards offer more protection. If a retailer tries to rip you off, you can always dispute the charges. With debit cards, the money is immediately credited to the retailer and it may take many months to get your money back if you ever actually get it back.

Shopping online can be a safe and secure experience provided you use your common sense and abide by certain basic security suggestions as those outlined above.

Online Clothes Shopping For Indian Garments

Indian garments have their own charm and elegance. No matter whether the occasion is a formal or a casual one, you will always find Indian attires corresponding to it. Indian ethnic wears are especially suitable for festive and seasonal gatherings. There are many online stores where you will find all such variations. On top of this availability of discounts and wholesale shopping marts make online clothes shopping quite entertaining.

Many young people find it difficult to choose the right clothing for appearing in an interview, a formal full sleeve shirt in a mute color can always make a person appear elegant. During your online clothes shopping you can add a light grey full sleeved cotton shirt to your cart. Being made of cotton these shirts are quite comfortable and are custom made for warmer climates. In case you want to show off your metro sexuality then you can do so too in style by choosing a pink cotton shirt. While the color pink will give you a unique look the material will keep you comfortable.

As a male attending an official party you can also dress up in cotton shirts, and rather than choosing a monochrome you can go for multicolored striped shirts. While this will bring some variety to your wardrobe, it will keep the elegance and comfort level intact. You can choose among shirts with black and white stripes, blue and white stripes and red and white stripes. Do you prefer half sleeves? Then again you will have many more choices under this section. Half sleeves will keep you cool in a hot and humid location.

Men who love fun and sport can too go for Indian clothes. Indian casuals for men include full sleeved T-shirts that will look really urban and funky, if paired with jeans. There are various online stores that offer these casual garments at a wholesale price. Women too can go for these online shopping stores and avail some good deals on ethnic and formal wears.

Online shopping for women gives them the opportunity to own some excellent designer sarees of various materials. Sarees are what represents Indianness. A good number of both urban and the rural population of the country swear by their allegiance to this elaborate garment. The online clothes shopping will also become quite pleasant for the fairer sex is because of the discounts that many sites offer. You can exploit this opportunity and go for a viscose georgette saree in the combination of maroon and green. Women can also buy a georgette designer saree or an anarkali suit.

While shopping for ethnic dresses men can pick up sherwanis and dhotis. These are pretty perfect for wedding and other social occasions. A designer Indian white sherwani will look fabulous if combined with a maroon dhoti.

Thus, online clothes shopping are a great way of picking up unique Indian dresses that would make males and females look uber elegant.

Designer Indian Gold Bangles

Bangles & bracelets are never out of fashion. And, gold bangles aren’t restricted anymore to traditional Indian jewelry pieces. Gold bangles can make quite a style statement since they come in a variety of exquisite artistic designs. Gold bangles have evolved into a fascinating, valuable, trendy piece of wrist or arm accessory. Not many women can resist the lure of an attractive pair of gold bangles and gold bangles and bracelets appear on the wish list of many a woman. Gold bangles are valuable gifts that symbolize true, unconditional love and admiration.

Are you keen on making a classic fashion statement? Is it possible to team up gold bangles with different outfits? Must you reserve gold bangles only for special occasions? Catch up with the trend on gold bangles. Learn more about the interesting significance of bangles in India and what makes their appeal and allure timeless.
Gold Bangle designs

Bangles are decorative ornaments that can be made from wood, glass, plastic, metals, lac, ivory and even bones. But gold bangles blended with pearls look very beautiful and very splendid gold bangles are usually worn in pairs around the wrists. The bracelets have a provision for opening at the hinge unlike bangles, which can be just slipped on to your wrists. Bangles are part and parcel of traditional Indian jewelry.

The social and economic elements influence the number of bangles and the weight of gold bangles. The elite select diamond bangles, pearls bangles bangles with other precious gemstones and gold bangles. Some opt for gold plated bangles or imitations that replicate pure gold bangles. Black non-metallic bangles adorn slender arms of newborn Indian baby, believed to ward off evil eyes.

Bangle collection is a hobby with many girls since childhood. Keeping in tune with changing trends, young girls choose matching bangles that complement different costumes. Gold, platinum pearl bangles or silver bangles are usually circular in shape. While bangles made of plastic, lac comes in interesting shapes. Post marriage, Indian women traditionally wear gold bangles along with glass bangles. Based on strong belief in customs and sentiments, it is considered inauspicious for married women to be bare armed.
Gold Bangle bracelet

Fashion designers, costume designers and trend setters opine that accessories can either accentuate a look or just break it. Unlike silver and platinum, gold ‘the yellow metal’ is highly attractive mainly due to its dynamic look. Hollow or solid, bangles made of gold can add a sparkle. Shopping for gold bangles can be a challenging experience. It is tough to narrow down on a particular design. The intricate designs that are commonly used are those of flowers, fruits, leaves, geometrical patterns or other artistic designs depicting nature.

It is essential to select the smallest size to enhance the beauty of your wrists. Broad or thick gold bangles are usually worn in pairs. You can adorn many sleek gold bangles. Sleek gold bangles measure as less as one gram. The price of pure gold bangles is proportionate to its weight and design.
Gold bangle care

Gold bangles require the same amount of care and maintenance like any other piece of jewelry. Caring for gold bangles can make a big difference. Your exquisite gold bangles can very well become family heirlooms. Prolong gold’s luster using these tips and retain its value forever.
Avoid wearing gold bangles during strenuous activities.
Do not wear gold bangles while swimming.
Remove gold bangles while applying make up.
Clean regularly with lukewarm water.
Dry with soft cloth.
Store gold bangles in a soft lined satin or velvet box.
To avoid scratches while storing, separate bangles with cotton.
Do not store gold and costume bangles together.
Allow only qualified jewelers to repolish gold bangles after couple of years.

Angel Fancy Dress Enhancing the Look With the Right Accessories

If you are planning on purchasing an angel fancy dress costume to wear at a party, it is important to choose the right accessories to match. You want your character to look as authentic as possible, which is why you have to add a little flair to it. Without the frills, your costume may end up as a fancy dress flop.

An angel fancy dress costume is stunning enough on its own, but without the right trimmings it is just a dress and nothing more. Add the appropriate accessories and the outfit comes to life.

What accessories are available and how do you go about choosing them? There is a huge and amazing range available for every conceivable type of angel fancy dress costume. There are angel wings in various shapes and sizes, wigs of all lengths, colours and styles, footwear, jewellery, masks, halos, gloves, stockings and cosmetics. Other accessories of a general nature include hairpieces, bracelets, rings, anklets, belts and pendants. While this is great, it’s also important not to go overdo it. Just get enough to boost your outfit and the rest will work itself out. As they say, less is more. Although angels do not traditionally carry handbags, you may find it necessary on your night out to have something to hold those little essentials. Choose the smallest bag you can manage, made from satin or silk and, if liked, covered with beads (to represent the Pearly Gates perhaps?).

Whether your angel fancy dress costume is a simple or intricate design, choose the right accessories to go with it and keep your outfit colour coordinated. For example, if you are opting for a traditional pure white angel, then stick with white wings and accessorize with matching gloves, stockings and footwear. Alternatively, accessorize in silver, including a silver wig for an amazing effect. If you are dressing as a fallen angel in black or red, again keep the accessories colour coordinated and a long black or red wig looks very dramatic and eye-catching.

Although shopping is great fun, the fast paced world we live in today can make it hard to find the time to trawl through the shelves. Moreover, getting what you want from local shops is nothing compared to the availability of online items. If you truly want a great selection of angel fancy dress accessories, it may be advisable and time-saving to purchase online. In any case, the internet can help you compare angel fancy dress prices and styles.

design Karen Millen dress style and excellent qualit

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High End Non Skid Shoes

For people who cannot keep their feet flat on the floor, often get stumble on slipper wet floor or on ice, there is a new invention called non-skid shoes for you. In restaurants, owners and managers require their crews to wear these shoes. Places such as these are hazardous and this is used as a precaution for inevitable lawsuits.

You see non-skid shoes have some sort of spikes in their soles that hold you to the floor firmly. These shoes are also called slip-resistant shoes. It comes in several styles and fit for both men and women, and for different purpose.

Unfortunately, non-skid shoes are mostly bulky and heavy. Since they need to be slip-resistant, weight helps you to be firmly on the ground. More often, because of its heaviness, the shoes tear and the sole gets separated.

For stylish people, this is not as stylish as the elegant expensive shoes you usually buy. It might be appropriate for work places, but it is not something you would wear for a party tonight. Their design is too general. It is the same all over the place. Most of these shoes are for men, not for women.

Since these shoes are used for specific purpose, it comes with a not-so reasonable price. Most of them are quite costly.

Of course, this is great for icy and cold climate where snow forms or rain falls almost every day. However, this is not suitable for tropical and hot climate. If permitted, places like restaurants, fast food chains require it, and crew workers are likely to wear these shoes for work purposes.

Several brands are available only online and are often delivered. There are obviously some concerns with online shopping like the ridiculously high shipping fee, untimely delivery, a shoe size that does not fit you, slow order completion, difficult to navigate online shops, etc.

Other concerns such as canceled orders without notification or if you do not follow-up, unclear return policy, unavailable in certain places, catalogue and the stock does not match (inventory mismatch), and rude customer services. What kind of a store is that? Takes your money but does not give you the product. That is unfair.

Well, I think it is still much better if you could go to a local shoemaker and ask for custom-made non skid shoes for you. They fit you perfectly. You can customize the design, and ask for a reasonable price. And if things go wrong, you can always ask your shoemaker to repair it for you or get your money back.

Did you find out how non skid shoes could help you in day to day life? Find out more by checking us out at

Looking For Comfortable Shoes While Pregnant

There is not doubt that while women go through the pregnancy stages, one of the distressing things they have to deal with is a aching lower back, leg muscles, and tender feet. And when it gets toward the end of the pregnancy this becomes even more certain and spot on for most all pregnant women.

Time and again all women can think about during those last weeks is how much they cannot wait to get their offspring out and bring them into the new world. And when your whole body is aching including your feet and back, you could employ a little comfort and support.

Here are a few good reasons why Dansko Shoes should be one of the first items you purchase when you get pregnant.

1. Dansko shoes for women are a leader in the comfort shoes industry, and supported by many professional organizations. Dansko equals comfortable shoes. Footbeds in Dansko are constructed to support your feet with loving care. The inner linings are constructed in such a way they wick away moisture from your feet. The outsoles are exceedingly strong and lightweight making them great for foot protection. When pregnant you noticeably have additional weight to carry. Dansko with its strong accommodating structure help keep you comfortable while bestow support to the lower extremities of your body like your back.

2. Need fashion? Dansko has a huge line of shoes that can accommodate all stages during your pregnancy. During your first period of pregnancy perchance you would call for a pair of fashionable dansko clogs? Or your last trimester when you would want a combination of being both accepted, comfortable, and advantageous Dansko can accommodate you. Perhaps your feet are starting to swell up and are extremely sensitive? The dansko sandal will be just what you need during this time. No matter style you choose from dansko, each shoe, clog, or sandal are built with this kind of attribute each and every time making them super comfortable and helpful shoes.

3. Do you need various colors couples with the styles you expect? When you’re at the end of your pregnancy you are typically uncomfortable. At least most of the time you are. Your emotional, and ready to finally have your baby. Purchasing a pair of new shoes is every woman’s joy. Even if a small joy its still a joy most women love. When you get sick and tired of being sick and tired, and uncomfortable from being pregnant, sore, and aching all over, a new pair of shoes like Dansko is just what you need.