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December 2016

Classy Gift Ideas For Men

Shopping for the man in your life can sometimes be hard if you aren’t sure what to get. You might need some ideas, especially if you man has expensive taste. Charles Tyrwhitt and Thompson Cigar are examples of stores that carry upscale gifts for men. Here are some ideas to keep in mind when buying for guys with classy tastes:

1. Cufflinks with Semi-Precious Stones

Semi-precious stones add a new perspective to a timeless accessory. Cufflinks can come in a variety of styles to suit your man’s taste and the cut of his suit. Examples of stones commonly used for cufflinks include mother-of-pearl, moonstone, onyx and lapis lazuli. Men using these cufflinks will always look stylish and classy.

2. Cashmere Sweaters

A sweater is always an enjoyable gift. You can give the man in your life a sense of luxury with a sweater made from cashmere. Cashmere sweaters come in a variety of colors to complement an existing wardrobe. Crew necks are good for casual wear, V-necks are ideal for showing off a dressy shirt, and zip necks are good for outdoor wear.

3. Box of Personalized Cigars

Many cigar outlets have cigars with personalized bands available. They can be presented in fine wooden boxes. Personalized bands add a unique touch to the gift-giving experience.

4. Cigar Travel Case

A nice travel case can come in handy for cigar lovers. This allows them to take their favorite smokes and humidors with them. Cases are usually attractively decorated.

Gogreen Farms-tuberose Basics

Tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa) is an aromatic flower widely grown in the plains of India and blooms profusely during the summer and rains. The name reflects the fact that the plant is grown from tubers; hence, tuber-ose (and not tube-rose). Like gladioli these are tall flowers with stem length of 80 to 100 cm and spike length of 30 cm in medium size. The large size has stem length of 100 to 120 cm with spike length of about 40-45 cm. The stem contains waxy white flowers (Double Pearl) and pure white flowers (Single Mexican) borne in pairs along the spike. Apart from the flower and bulbs which have good commercial value, the essential oils extracted from tuberose are widely used in perfume industry. As its Indian name indicates Rajanigandha (rajani-night, gandha-fragrance) emits its enchanting fragrance all through the night.

The demand for tuberose bulbs and flowers is on the rise in the European Union which is the largest importer of tuberose bulbs. The countries that import the bulk of the tuberose bulbs are the Netherlands, UK, Italy, Spain and Germany, while Poland is a potentially upcoming market. Tuberose bulbs are in great demand in the USA also.

The two well-known tuberose varieties are Single Mexican and The Double Pearl. The former is preferred for its enticing fragrance, while the Double Pearl is preferred in flower arrangements due to the density of the flowers on its spikes. The Pearl also exudes fragrance characteristic of the tuberose, but to a lesser extent than the Single Mexican variety. Several Indian hybrid varieties are also widely grown. Notable among these are Rajat Rekha and Swarna Rekha in single flowered and double flowered tuberose respectively. In Rajat Rekha there are silvery white streaks along the middle of the blade, while golden-yellow streaks are there on the margins of the blade in Swarna Rekha (rajat meaning silver and swarna meaning gold in Hindi). There are other varieties also like Prajwal (Single) and Vaibhav (Double).

Tuberose is easy to propagate, requires minimum maintenance and yields flowers for about three years once bulbs are planted. The bulb size is graded in a similar way as in gladiolus. In India, with ordinary 6/8 and 8/10 size bulbs it is possible to harvest flowers regularly for three years with a single batch of bulbs. Large size bulbs are highly priced and in great demand. Since it is a rhizome, you can recover bulbs manifold and replant or sell them.

The bulbs remain dormant during the winter months in places where the temperature is low and if early planting is desired, the dormancy can be successfully broken by dipping the bulbs in 4% thiourea solution for one hour. Normally, tuberose begins to flower three months after planting of bulbs. It flowers mainly during the summer and rains (April-September) in India and from May to July on the hills; while in milder climate, it flowers well throughout the year. Harvesting is done from November through March in the Gangetic plains in the sub-Himalayan belt.

It is sturdy, hardy, beautiful, has a heavenly fragrance and a long vase life of about two weeks. Tuberose can be successfully grown in practically all types of soils, even in acidic or alkaline soils to some extent. It can be potted and grown indoors as well, especially in colder climates. The plant is quite sensitive to water-logging which may damage the root system. Loam and sandy loam soils with a pH range between 6.5 and 7.5 with proper aeration and drainage are best for tuberose cultivation. The soil should be rich in organic matter (excellent results with 10 to 12 tons of FYM per hectare) and retain sufficient moisture (mulching is advised in areas where soil tends to get dry) for proper growth.

The bulbs that are 2-3 cm wide (size 6/8) are suitable for propagation. Larger bulbs result in early flowering and higher yields. Bulb size is given as up to 6, 6/8, 8/10, 10/12, 12/14, 14/16 and 16+. The numbers indicate the circumference of the bulb in cm at its widest part. So, a bulb of 10/12 size would indicate a bulb with a circumference of between 10 and 12 cm. The rhizome can be planted as such or cut vertically in two or three sections such that each segment contains a bud for germination. The bulbs should be planted 4-5 cm deep in beds and soil moisture should be maintained after planting of bulbs.

Flower production varies with cultivar and depends upon bulb size at planting time as well as the spacing between bulbs. Tuberose is planted at a spacing of about 30 cm x 30 cm with a plant population of approximately 100,000 plants per hectare. Commercial growers dig out larger bulbs about three years after planting. The tuberose needs warmth, plenty of water while growing, and rich, well-drained soil.

Apart from farm yard manure (FYM), a fertilizer mixture containing 6 g of urea, 16 g each of superphosphate (single) and muriate of potash per square meter has been found to show good growth and flowering. The above mixture should be applied in two equal doses the first dose before planting and the second, four weeks after sprouting of the bulb. Weeding should also be done regularly, though once the tuberose takes root and leaves begin to spread out in clumps, the chance of growth of weeds or grass between the flower clusters is automatically checked to a large extent. With the kind of fertile soil we have in the Gangetic plains, tuberose has really proven to be a no-fuss plant that requires very little special care.

As a grower, if you think of growing the flowers it would be an excellent one-time investment, with an output that far exceeds the input. Due to its commercial viability, all year round flower yield, sturdiness and hardiness, tuberose is grown as the anchor crop at GoGreen Farms. If you are a grower, once you buy the bulbs, with a bit of good management, you can continue to prepare your own marketable bulbs from the seed stock.

GoGreen farms is a grower, supplier and exporter of cut flowers, bulbs and corms.

the huge market for wholesale clothing -CHINA

For these companies, the main aim of getting blank wholesale clothing is that they can customize them the way they want to. They can add prints on it that will promote their companies and be good gifts during holiday seasons. They can now choose from many blank types of clothing in the market. Wholesale Fashion Jewelry If you will look closely, there are now lots of companies that have been setting up their websites and creating their online catalog so people can see the products that they are offering. This is very important because they would like to make the product details much accessible to the buyers for their convenience. And in order to complete the convenience package, they are now able to process online payments for faster orders.. Wholesale Shoes On the other hand , If you will build your online catalog, you need to have every detail about the clothing on the page for your sample. First, you have to place the type of clothing like whether they are casual or for formal wear. This is very important as it will be easier for the consumers to choose the clothes suitable for the event where they will wear it. Remember that most business owners who have been risk takers in the past are more successful than those business people who don’t really want to get out of their shell. Where in fact, fashion and clothing are all about going out of the box. Fashion Accessories There are clothing like shirts that will be perfect for companies who would like to print out their company’s logo on the shirts so they will serve as their gifts for their employees. Aside from being gifts, they are also good reward options for companies. Call center agents may receive commendation calls from their customers because of the way they handle their calls. These shirts are the best way for them to reward their employees as they are available in wholesale as well as the printing services. Fashion Accessories If you are one in all those that are still totally unaware of this wholesale clothing then you’ll sign in the web for a few details. You’ll come back across several web sites from that you’ll be in a position to choose your outfits and can get it for yourself with in couple of minutes simply with one click. Online wholesale clothing is rocking right now because it saves both time and cash for you.

Chocholik Sorry Gift

Like they say, love means never having to say you’re sorry, but saying it with chocolates is a completely different proposition! No matter how badly you’ve tripped up, it’s a rare person who can resist a sorry gift that includes chocolates.

Chocholik’s Sorry Gifts can melt the hardest heart and the most unforgiving soul – provided they’re accompanied by the right sentiments and the appropriately humble demeanor. Combine your -I’m sorry- gift with a cute soft toy, a bunch of gorgeous flowers or a piece of lovely jewelry and you’re sure to be forgiven.

A rich cake stuffed with dried fruits and garnished with walnuts, a nicely-worded card and an assortment of individually wrapped chocolates all packaged in a wicker-work basket could also do the trick if your fault is a big one. If you’re pleading guilty to a lesser crime, perhaps a little box of chocolates with exotic truffle fillings, packaged in an attractive orange box may suffice.

If you’re saying you’re sorry to a friend or co-worker, pick a box of pralines that can be shared by you both. By the time you get to the last chocolate, things will be all hunky-dory again. If you’ve offended a parent, seek redress via an irresistible combo – a rich fruit cake bursting with exotic raisins, sultanas and apricots, plus a box of dark chocolates filled with butterscotch ganache, raisins and nuts. Add a card that expresses your sentiments perfectly – and what’s past is past.

For that really special gift, pick Chocholik’s assorted rocks packaged in a sumptuous velvet covered box, embellished with a charming string of beads. These chocolates are as tempting as their wrapping and will go a long way in prejudicing the case in your favor!

A stylish white box filled with flavored almonds, sorry gifts for boyfriend, baklava and a beautiful figurine is the perfect sorry gift for the special woman in your life – your beloved, your mom or your daughter. Team it with a string of delicate pearls and she’ll forgive and forget in a moment.

If chocolates are not what appeals to the person, Chocholik has options like boxes of exotic cookies. An assortment of Belgian cookies, French macaroons and Italian biscotti has all of Europe pleading your cause! Chocolates, almonds and raisins make a winning team in another combi box that has scrumptious mango raisins or rose almonds paired with creamy rich Belgian chocolates.

Chocolate bars or rocks combinations are other great options.

Have your Chocholik -I’m sorry- gifts delivered as soon as possible. Turn things sweet before he or she gets bitter!

A leading client-centric belgium chocolate company Chocholik India, provides a wide range of chocolate gift boxes and get the best anniversary gift ideas.

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ugg boots for sale.ugg boots for men and women

UGG boots are not only popular with women but men,They said on the radio that in Australia men have been wearing them for years.After becoming a must-have for women around the world, the ugg boots men is now set to race to the top of men’s wish lists.

Loved for their comfort and cosiness, the ugg boots first found success when it was spotted on a host of stylish women, including SJP, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. associations with female fashion, the style was initially developed for men, and were worn by Australian sheep-shearers, and then surfers and aviators in the 1970s.

Now brandishing the names of stylish male Ugg wearers, such as Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake and Leonardo DiCaprio, the brand is leading an assault on the men’s market with a launch set to take place in Covent Garden this week. >

The Essential Short Boot for men is similar to the Classic version, with one exception. The EVA sole on the Essential has actual lugs, which make the boot able to grip different types of surfaces. The lug soles also give the Essential a bold, rugged

For even more durability, try a pair of the Ultra Short Boots for men. The Ultras have molded rubber lug outsoles, as well as cow suede toe and heel bumpers to ensure protection of your foot and the boots.

The Classic, Essential and Ultra Short Boots come in sand, chocolate and black.

Get a brief figuring wedding dress

No matter how complicated and luxurious the dress is, if you fail to control it or let it overwhelm your glory will be useless to set off your beauty. Therefore, ladies when choosing their dresses should take a second thought before making their decision. Actually, a perfect wedding gown should be brief and figuring, it should draw the beautiful outline of your figure, completely show off your advantages. Many brides doesn’t have a clear idea about what figuring means, never mind, I’m going to help you figure it out. Figuring wedding dress is varied according to different types of your somatotype you belongs to and then opt for an appropriate one. Usually, there does not exist one so-called figuring wedding gown for every woman, it’s unrealistic. Say, you are full on your bust, but got a slim waist legs, you can not choose an empire silhouette which will conceal your beautiful curvy figure, bringing an unsatisfactory result. Thereby, my suggestion is to get a mermaid or fishtail dress to highlight your traits since you are an hourglass figure. However, sometimes, you should see what your disadvantage is, say, if you unfortunately got fatty bulges on your waist, you will need a bodice that wrap your upper body for fear of exposing your defect to the guests directly. Meanwhile, you will have to be ready to scout for those dresses with tight bodice, you need to control your weight and keep a good shape. Applicable silhouettes that may suit you can be ball gown or Basque style with a tight bodice and upgrade your waist line. No one’s figure is perfect, everyone will have some kind of flaws more or less. Only if you can find it exactly and aim at it with proper measure will you release your best side to public. Shape a delicate figure line is every bride’s dream, choosing a figuring wedding gown is a tough job, except you go to the boutique can the tailor give you some professional suggestions. However, those boutiques are quite expensive to have a custom made dress. From the color, fabrics, design, style to the detailed embellishment are so critical to finally create out a perfect wedding dresses uk, so, it is understandable that they will ask a high price. However, if you feel the pinch at the moment, or you just want to hold a plain wedding, you will just need a dress with natural and simple design to outline your shape. Figuring dress cannot only be found in custom made shops, in the on-line shops, with patience, you can find out the top one that is just what you need. The beautiful wedding dresses at ukbridaldresses .com


Free Gifts Mobile Phones Making Shopping Exciting

LCD TV are available free with many gadgets. The 19 inch TV brings entertainment in the lives of users with various television programs. LCD TV is now available free with mobile phones.

LCD TV is a very fascinating gadget that can bring entertainment of all sorts to users. People can make use of the device as it is very reliable for entertainment reasons. This unparalleled device brings entertainment to the users in the form of various Television programs. So, people can view these programs and ward off boredom from their life. This television is a improvised format of the old TV. It has a flat screen that offers a high resolution. So, a viewer can watch television programs without much strain to ones eye. Thus LCD television redefines television viewing at home. Free TV is now available with several gadgets. It is increasingly becoming a trend to avail the LCD television, free with gadgets such as mobile phone. Free 19 inch LCD TV are offered by several mobile companies with their mobile handsets. The reason is that such companies want the promotion of their product by offering these free gadgets. The company gets well branded by the offering free television, laptops and other gadgets with their mobile handset.

mobile phones companies such as Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson and others have launched handsets that offer LCD TV as free gifts, so choose such type of offers on latest mobile phones that will benefited you in both way. You can also get music players, DVD players from the online shopping portals and compare the deals from various merchants.

Author provides the information about latest technology and electronic products, mobile phones, mobile phones and offers and reviews of new and upcoming mobile phones.

Cheap Jordan Shoes own good as well as enjoyful

In the event you opt for maximum boot styles, similarly you finally decide your Cheap Jordan Shoes own good as well as enjoyful look and feel low-priced atmosphere stream maximum ninety all 5. The store’s Nike pas cher Maximum LTD is definitely within the classc Atmosphere stream transfer boot styles in addition to shoes and boots with regard to purchases. Whether a get a significant think about the most LTD, you might because in the event it in the cardio system charles barkley boot styles in addition to shoes and boots. Influenced by several review, the utmost LTD appeared to be initially released in the Selectively bred 11s trainer market within only 2002 as well as do not forget that it really is wound up as being a precious almost boot styles in addition to shoes and boots and also a clear-cut as well as lovely trainer than a very few dress yourself in each day.

The store’s lovely flooring in the forepart linked to shies have been completely a good lure for a lot of supporters with regards to Maximum boot styles low-priced hyperdunk 2012. You will find there’s major Nike custom logo over a solitary flooring component to Nike biggest LTD and also the reveal linked to atmosphere stream maximum pas cher juse on the midsole as well as down below that cheap jordan shoes and boots particular Nike pas cher custom logo. The 2 main a couple of trademarks come in colors as well as varied with regards to various glasses with Grape 5s regards to shoes and boots or maybe boot styles nike atmosphere stream maximum low-priced. Clearly there could be absolutely another the key reason why everyone is that’s why thinking about this specific low-priced maximum boot styles.

Struck ankle which has a hockey Grape 5s underside in the better design in addition to design with regards to twenty four amenable as well as interesting homemade wine beverages stats. This specific colouring greatest women of all Bred 11s ages through Oct takeaway Nike boot styles in addition to shoes and boots, boot styles, with regards to can simply Nike shoes, and then directed requirements to assure the store’s usefulness, which is noticed to be a general Atmosphere stream Jordan several performance could be a quite big the store’s impact in the graduation with regards to substantial-tech shoes, regular various choices.

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Five Reasons To Spend The Money For A Designer Handbag

How are the Latest Styles Decided?

In the world of fashion, there is none such accessory so appealing, popular, and versatile as the handbag. During fashion week and on the runways of Paris, Milan, and New York, the most popular new fashions are prominently displayed on various models. These fashions become the latest “trends” for the season and soon become highly sought after by both celebrities and the general public. Although debatable, many fashion designers claim that the quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process of their accessories and clothing items are superior to anything else offered on the market and charge a high price for each item because of it. Also, demand is very high and the designers sometimes only make a limited amount of the item.

Where can consumers buy these handbags?

Since many people do not live in either New York City or Los Angeles, so they do not have access to some of the more high-end boutiques that may carry their desired designer handbag. Harnessing the power of the internet, many people have decided to buy designer bags online. With some boutiques carrying a specific designer’s collection of handbags in their stores, consumers no longer have to personally visit each designer’s boutique in order to purchase the item that they want. In fact, some department stores such as Nordstrom’s offer a wide variety of authentic designer items for purchase in store and online.

Why buy designer bags?

Part of the appeal of the designer handbag is the illusion of wealth it alludes to. Many women choose to buy designer bags because the bags are sometimes viewed as a status symbol, as a way of announcing their socioeconomic status. The bags are also used as a conversation piece, and as a testament to the owner’s ability to keep up with the “trends”. Almost all designers also offer a lifetime guarantee on their products, to assure the buyer that the quality of the fabrics used in the manufacturing process is top of the line. Also, since the quality of the products is so exceptional, many consumers only have to buy the product once. This makes the handbag a more economical choice in the long run because consumers no longer have to keep buying and replacing the same item.

Whether women decide to buy designer bags online or in a boutique, the authenticity and sophistication of a designer handbag is unparalleled. Clearly, consumers should buy designer bags and should not give a second thought to any other store bought handbags.

Gold, Silver And Precious Rakhi

Over the ages a conscious effort has always been given to make Rakhi more and more appealing. Precious stones like pearl, emerald and diamond & metals like silver and gold have been used to give it a shimmering look. The plain tying threads of the Rakhi are replaced by chains of gold and silver. Precious Rakhis come in different varieties like Gold Rakhis, Diamond Rakhis, Silver Rakhis , Navratna Rakhis, Pearl Rakhis, Kundan Rakhis and Precious Chain Rakhis. Priceless rakhi gifts to India are always a select category.

Gold Rakhi – This rakhi is all about royal elegance.Some of the popular formats of Gold Rakhi in use include:

* Gold Bracelet type Rakhi

* Gold Plated Rakhi

* Rakhi with coins having different images embedded in them

* Double Chain Gold Rakhi – Gold Rakhi having different metals

Diamond Rakhi- Diamond cut in different shapes makes this Rakhi to stand apart from other Rakhis. Semi precious stones and beads are also used in them to make them more alluring. Coloured diamonds, American diamonds and diamonds of cheaper variety are also increasingly being used while preparing them. Surat in Gujarat is renowned world over for preparing the Diamond Rakhi.

Silver Rakhi – Silver rakhis are all about pure emotion. It is used as a precious gift. Silver Rakhi is of different types like Coinage Rakhi, Silver Plated Rakhi and Floral Design Rakhi.

Coinage Rakhi- Coinage Rakhi has a silver coin in the middle with the image of different gods and goddesses like Ganesha, Vishnu and Laxmi embossed on them. It is a divine Rakhi and finds much favor among the masses.

Precious Rakhi

Silver Plated Rakhi- Silver plated Rakhi has semiprecious and precious stones studded in the plates to improve on their design. There are silver chains at two ends of this Rakhi to make it mesmerizing.

Floral Design Rakhi- An intricately designed Rakhi with elaborate floral arrangements is a visual delight. The essence of flowers brings in a sense of purity in this beautiful form of Rakhi.

Navartna Rakhi- Navratna Rakhi comprises of nine stones which are held in high esteem from the ancient times. The important stones falling in this category are Emerald, Pearl, Coral, Ruby, Cats Eye, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Hessonite and Gomed Blue Sapphire. A Rakhi studded with these stones have a different connotation because it conveys a message that the brother is more precious to the sister than the nine stones.

Pearl Rakhi- Pearl Rakhi is a precious Rakhi which lights up the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan. The importance of this Rakhi increases many fold because of the presence of Pearl, a white coloured gem stone representing subtle moods like beauty, art and peace. There is also medicinal value associated with Pearl because it helps in keeping the mind cool. The Pearl is positioned on the central part of the Rakhi. At times Pearls are also added on the string of the Rakhi to make it appealing.

Kundan Rakhi- This is a very colourful Rakhi made from Kundan which is used to develop bridal jewellery over the ages. A Kundan Rakhi is lively and incorporates geometric patterns and floral designs. Kundan has a semi transparent and translucent body which helps it to glitter amidst other precious stones. They are not highly expensive and are quite popular.

Precious Chain Rakhi – Rakhi is generally tied on the hand of the brother with the help of a thread. Nowadays, however, in place of thread a chain is increasingly being used. The chain is made up of metals like brass, silver and gold. When used with semi precious and precious stones this Rakhi is a rare work of beauty.

Sending precious rakhi to India to loved ones is an unforgettable experience. One can send rakhi to India to make Raksha Bandhan celebrations like never before! Gold, Silver and Precious Rakhis are rakhi gifts to India with a difference. They transmit unending love which binds a brother and sister together.