Are Psychics Expensive How Much Should I Pay For a Psychic Reading

Are psychic readings expensive? Do you need to break the bank (or your budget) to get an accurate, authentic psychic reading? Are low cost psychic services good…or should I wait until I can afford a SUPER expensive psychic before getting my next reading? In this article we are going to take a quick and insightful look at cost and psychic readings, and see how much you should expect to pay for an intuitive or service that will make your day! Curious to know more? Great…continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Okay…is there a fixed cost for getting a good reading, or does it fluctuate from service to service?

The truth? All psychics charge differently. As a matter of fact, after close to 20 years of psychic readings, writing and research (both personally and professionally alike) I can honestly say my BEST reading ever cost less than 20 bucks. (18 to be exact) I’ve also had super expensive readings with celebrity style psychics and well known names that left me totally and completely unimpressed. (and were a genuine waste of money)

While there are some industry “standards” for rates, what you are going to find is that each service charges based on their own metrics and merits, and there is RARELY a rule that is worth following. How about free psychics or offers? Are they equally as good as paid services?

Honestly…the answer in my experience is a resounding NO! While it would be great to report that those “don’t pay until you are ready” offers are legitimate, the sad but somewhat expected truth is that they are simply a sales ploy to get you to take that first step. Once you are on the phone, in my experience, the answers are pretty scripted, almost similar to a newspaper horoscope, and you are offered the opportunity to “upgrade” to a more detailed reading at a premium price.

My best advice for those of you interested in psychic readings, and the paranormal overall is this…

There is nothing better, or more evidential or “proof” offering than having your OWN psychic reading or experience. No amount of reading, or research or opinion can offer you the evidence that you seek WITHOUT having to dive in and get your proof first hand.

The truth is, a good reading does NOT need to be expensive, and does not need to break your budget. As I mentioned above…my BEST reading, after close to two decades of dedicated research came from a telephone psychic and literally cost less than a movie for 2.

Don’t feel that you’ve got to spend hundreds of dollars for proof psychic abilities are real…nor do you need to wait 3 months to get an appointment with a celebrity psychic to do the same. Simply get excited, get curious and get involved…there is a wide and wonderful world of magic and mystery out there waiting for you! (and nothing will ever look quite the same once you do!)

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