Baklava – A Better Gift Than Chocolates

Your are visiting a friend who was sick and just got better. What do you take with you: Chocolate. Wrong! Baklava is the new answer.

Gifting chocolate is the old days tradition. Today, it is Baklava. This Mediterranean sweets gift is becoming a tradition in all occasions. Today, people gift Baklava in almost any kind of occasion.

Chocolates used to be the de facto gift for many occasions like gatherings, celebrations, as well as holidays. For many years, chocolates used to be the first thing that comes to people’s mind when thinking about a gift for such occasions. That’s normal because chocolates are sweet, loved by most people, and widely available. These three factors are important for any item that is to become a universal gift.

Recently, in the western world, people discovered that another great treat, Baklava, also possesses these characteristics. Baklava has been very popular for hundreds of years in Middle Eastern, Arabic, and Mediterranean countries. It has been the gift of choice in most these countries and still is. However, recently, Baklava has been gaining increasing popularity in the Western world as well.

First, Baklava is sweet, and this makes it loved by most people. After all, everybody has a sweet tooth which is almost always satisfied with the taste of nuts filled Baklava. It is true that not everyone is familiar with Baklava yet, but that’s what makes it a special gift. The important factor is that most people who come to taste Baklava love it. The third factor, its availability, has developed tremendously over the last few years. Baklava has become increasingly widely available in stores and supermarkets and within reach to most people. These factors are making Baklava become one of the first items they think of when considering a gift.

What differentiates Baklava from chocolates, though, is that Baklava is healthier than chocolate. They are both sweets, and thus they are both high in calories. Baklava, however, contain a lot of healthy nuts, along with its calories from sugar. This makes it a much preferred treat for health conscious people. Moreover, high quality Baklava contains only moderate amounts of sugar, just enough to give it a sweet taste.

The healthy nuts give Baklava a special characteristic unmatched by most desserts and sweet treat. Sweets and desserts are known to be unhealthy, high in calories, and of little nutritional value. This has been the common knowledge for years, and thus as people became more health conscious, their consumption of sweets and desserts has considerably decreased. Baklava gives people a different view of sweets and desserts. Baklava introduces the notion that desserts can have high nutritional values instead of just being high on calories.