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When you purchase jewellery, you want to buy a best designer and fashionable jewellery that means the jewellery must have the good design, fashionable, quality, good looking, warranty and many more. Homeshop18 offers best golden, gemstone, pearl, stones, silver and diamond jewellery in lowest price. Please have a look below some detail of jewellery items.

(1). Bracelet Model No: ABVO53 Silver


.Silver with Oxidized Jali look
.Center piece studded with high quality Crystals in a Black & Silver Bracelet string around the wrist
.A beautiful piece of jewellery!

(2). Gili Diamond Earrings Model No: GEL274

Gili has created a niche, offering high quality, fine finish, machine-made and branded Diamond-studded Designer Jewellery.

Much more, Every Gili piece has its own story to tell of love chat’s treasured and priceless.


.Gold Weight: 2.65gms, No. of Diamonds: 34
.Diamond Weight: 0.250 Cts., Diamond Quality: VVS/GH
.Gold Carat: 18K, Gold Colour: Yellow

All weights are indicative, The product image is indicative and not true scale
All Gili products are supported by “Gili Guarantee Card”, Certifying Quality of Gili Jewellery

(3). Sterling Silver Emerald Ring Model No: R-489E


.Item Specifications: Gift this pretty rings to your dear ones
.Metal Type: .925 Sterling Silver, Rhodium Plated, Nickel Free
.Gemstones: Genuine Emerald & Diamond
.Shapes & Sizes:

.Emerald Oval 7x5mm (3), Diamond Accents 0.002cts (2)
.Total Gemstone Weight: 2.55carats, Item Weight: 3.37grams (Approx.)
.Ring Size: 12 to 18, (Ring size as per customer’s choice)

(4). Pearl Necklace with Pendant Model No: MDSNP-12


Beautiful Pearls and Tiger eye Bead, Necklace with a metal gold plated Pendant, Necklace Length: 17

(5). Daisy Gold Earrings

Daisy Gold Earrings: Express your love towards your valentine by gifting her Designer collection gold earring studded with American diamond stones.

Gold? Weight: 2.3 gms, Gold Purity: 18 ct, Stones Type: CZ-American Diamond

(6). Snake Gold Chain

Product Details:

Snake Gold Chain: An elegant, no-frills, aesthetic gold chain with a snake pattern design for those who believe that beauty lies in simplicity along with a fresh water pearl tops absolutely free.

? Gold Weight: 5 gms, Gold Purity: 22 ct, Chain Length: 15 inches

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Japanese Dragon Tattoo Meanings

The Japanese dragon is one of the most popular mythological creatures picked for inking and a classic choice for a tattoo design. It is usually depicted as a wingless, heavily-scaled snake-like creature with small clawed legs and a horned or antlered camel head, and is associated with sea, clouds or the heavens. Japanese dragons tend to be much more slender and fly less frequently than the Chinese counterparts. The breath of the Japanese Dragon changes into clouds from which come either rain or fire. It is able to expand or contract its body, and in addition it has the power of transformation and invisibility. This is merely a general description and does not apply to all Japanese dragons, some of which have heads of so extraordinary a kind that they cannot be compared with anything in the animal kingdom.

According to most sources, the Japanese dragon is closely related to the Chinese counterparts, with the exception that the Japanese dragon has only three claws, while that of the Celestial Kingdom (China) has five.

Tattoo artists have taken the art of the Japanese dragon to amazing new levels. Whether you want a full back design or a half sleeve design, you will find an incredible gallery of amazing designs to choose from. They can be in color, or black & white. The dragon tattoo may appear with sea wave or clouds or pearls. If the dragon claw holds an enormous magical pearl, which has the power to multiply whatever it touches, the “pearl” symbolized the most precious treasure: Wisdom. Ancient Dragon lore and illustrations have inspired many of us to select a dragon tattoo because that design represents how we feel about ourselves — strength, wisdom and freedom…

The popular locations for inking Japanese dragon tattoos.
Japanese dragon tattoos can wrap around the body and flatter the contours of the body, full body and full back dragon tattoos are quite common, and the most popular location is half sleeve, the body of the dragon wrap around the upper arm and the dragon head extend out the upper front, just above the heart. Because of the long shape of the dragon, it also suited for inking on arms and legs.

Where to Find Perfect Japanese dragon tattoo designs for Inking?
After all, getting an awesome Japanese dragon tattoo that perfectly flows with your body is what makes you feel proud. Am I right? There are many good reasons to get an awesome Japanese tattoo and there are many ways to screw it up. The most important thing to find a perfect Japanese tattoo is to take your time browsing through numerous tattoo collections before you settle the one for inking.

The Best Easter Day Gift

I am my mothers only child, born when she was 22. Only after three years, my fathers death threw this family into the most difficult time. My mother had to go to back to work to support the family, and most importantly to give me good education. Mother always put my happiness in the first place. And I did make her proud in the following years until my unsuccessful marriage.

After my graduation, I successfully got a decent job in New York City which is far away from the city my mother living in – San Francisco. But I did like this job and believed this was the perfect start point of my career. Even though Mom missed me a lot, she just held her emotion and respected my choice. After 5 years hard work, I found my place in this big city and got my own family. This could have been the beautiful time of my life except that suddenly my husband insisted a seemed-no-reason divorce. I was shocked. Nothing worked to restore this relationship, so I just let him go.
I became desperate and began to get doubted about myself. I realized that I wasnt as strong as I always believed. I wasnt capable of everything. The situation became even worse when I was told that I had been pregnant for 4 months only after 2 weeks of my divorce. I was such a workaholic that I had not been aware of my pregnancy for 4 months! My life became a tragedy.
With a broken heart, I flight back to San Fransico and had a very sad Christmas with mom. I told her I was going to give up the baby. Was it an ironic gift from my ex-husband? But mom thought I should keep it, so we had a very unhappy conversation on this matter. I got back to NY and still was still hesitating to keep the baby or not. After three days, I got a package which came from a company named ShecyPearls. When I opened it, a beautiful south sea pearl necklace was presented in front of me. Surrounded by its luster, I found there was also a card with printed words:
New hopes bring new life! ??From the person who love you the most – Mom
This was really a support to me. I knew mothers legs get painful every winter, so she wouldnt shop around. I kept asking her, and then she told me that this ShecyPearls south sea pearl necklace was bought online.
Honey, you know you are my pearl. Are you really going to give up your pearl? moms word really touched the softest part of my heart. On Easter day of 2007, I had my pearl, my best Easter gift a baby girl. Easter day of 2009 is coming; I am going to order a ShecyPearls bracelet for my best gift that mom gave.

Australian Pearl Jewellery – A Better Choice

Australian Pearl jewellery may well be gorgeous, refined due to add a classic bit to any outfit. Its to boot the proper gift for a thirtieth bicentennial, as a result of the thirtieth bicentennial is traditionally referred to as the Pearl bicentennial. Pearls are typically expensive as they are very delicate and natural pearls are relatively uncommon and can forever be treated with respect. They scratch very merely and are very vulnerable to even the weakest acidic solutions, thus extreme care ought to be taken once cleanup them.

Australian Pearls are actually designed inside the shells of shellfish as a defense against probably dangerous foreign bodies. The invertebrate creates what is referred to as a pearl sac around the thorn, to isolate it. Itll then deposit serial layers of carbonate and gastropod Olin into the pearl sac, around the foreign body, to act as a kind of protection. Although this foreign body or thorns are typically one issue as immense as a grain of sand, the invertebrate might manufacture pearl sacs to defend themselves against parasites or different organic materials. As a result of this technique whole is completely natural and conjointly the foreign bodies are typically totally completely different shapes, it’s very rare to hunt out natural pearls that are completely spherical. this means that naturally spherical Australian pearl jewellery things are typically very expensive to buy!

It is potential to farm pearls, by artificially introducing foreign bodies into the shells of shellfish. The foreign body is often a special variety of spherical bead, which may encourage the formation of a spherical pearl. These pearls are sometimes listed below the name Akoya, Tahitian or ocean Pearls. Polite pearl jewellery is far less expansive to buy for than jewellery created from natural pearls; but things are still very gorgeous. If you are undecided whether or not or not your pearl jewellery is natural or polite, you will be ready to get onto examined by associate knowledgeable; that got to be ready to verify it via a series of tests. X-rays of the jewellery can reveal whether or not or not the pearl was created using a nucleus bead.

Natural pearls have iridescence quite like seashells and butterfly wings; the colors appear to vary, looking on the angle that you simply scan them from. The iridescence and luster of pearls comes from the distinctive superimposed structure, and every natural pearl are different; the agent and extra varied the layers, the finer the shine of the pearl. Overlapping layers slice the sunshine that falls onto the surface and replicate back altogether completely different colors. This provides Australian pearl jewellery beautiful radiance.

Whether you choose to buy for natural or polite pearl jewellery, it’s typically a beautiful, refined choice. Australian Pearl jewellery is to boot associate degree honest choice as a thirtieth bicentennial gift.

Guide In Choosing Pearl Jewelry

Pearl that is used in jewelry making is usually cultured pearl. The pearl making process of mollusks can be hastened by inserting an irritant into the mollusk. The mollusk will surround this irritant with pearl. A cultured pearl is just like a natural pearl whose development is hastened by science. Some people are misled to think that cultured pearls are fake, but they are not. Anyway, when you buy pearl jewelry, consider the luster, thickness, color, smoothness, and shape of the pearl.

Experts look at the nacre thickness and quality when making quick judgment of the value of a pearl. According to expert pearl jewelers, nacre thickness determines how long a pearl can last, while the nacre quality affects luster. High quality pearl bestows excellent luster. Jewelry experts may have no problem distinguishing between a high quality and a low quality pearl, but consumers should check out the following.

1. Brilliance The luster is one important factor to look at when shopping for pearl jewelry. The luster of a fine pearl comes not just from the surface but also from within. The multiple layers inside a pearl gives it a distinctive glow, one that you will not notice on silver or gold jewelry. You can try to hold a pearl against a fluorescent light source. Turn the pearl to see if the luster remains uniform on all its surfaces.

2. Color A typical high quality pearl has color overtones. A rare pearl has rose colored overtones, distinct only upon close visual inspection. This rare pearl makes some of the most expensive jewelry pieces in the market. The cream colored counterpart is more common and, thus, less expensive. Natural colors are white, black, gray, gold, pink, green, and blue. Fake jewelry makers can dye a pearl to make it look like a natural pearl. In some cases, only a gemologist can identify a fake pearl among the genuine ones.

3. Blemishes No pearl is made by nature perfectly. Each pearl will have surface blemishes, which are only noticeable upon close inspection. Such surface imperfections can be seen upon pearl examination against a dark background using intense and soft light. Jewelry makers may ignore the blemishes as long as high luster is maintained.

4. Size and shape A big pearl is rare and more expensive. An expensive pearl is usually above 7 millimeters in diameter. The shape is also an important consideration. The perfect pearls are those with spherical shape, a characteristic that is quite rare. A perfectly spherical pearl could be one of the most expensive jewelry items in the market. On the other hand, there is the symmetrical pearl, one with a teardrop or pear shape. Such is more common than the previous one and is also more affordable. But if you want the cheapest, the baroque type can do. A baroque pearl has an irregular shape.

Srs Pearl Heights Bring Luxury And Reasonability At One Place Together

We always want to have the best property for ourselves. For that purpose we should consult with some expert real estate consultant so that they can get us the property that suits us in a best possible way. We are here to discuss one of the most renowned real estate projects named by SRS Group who has come up with many prominent projects named by SRS Pearl Heights located at sector-87 of Greater Faridabad. People like to have all the ultra-modern facilities within their budget area and they also want their property in some good location from where they can reach all the necessity things effortlessly. Apart from all these things if they are working in Delhi NCR cities such as Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi. They would prefer to choose Greater Faridabad because of close vicinity to these cities. So, among all the renowned projects those have been developed at Greater Faridabad we are here to put some light on SRS Pearl Heights which has been established by SRS Group. Lets” discuss about this project and get to know about the project area.

Srs Pearl heights Faridabad is one of the newest group housing projects which is deliberately located at sector-87 in Greater Faridabad. The project comes with 2Bhk along with study room constructed in the area range of 1290 sq. ft. respectively. Residents will be getting possession in the area size of 2015. Location wise, the project possesses very good advantages that give great relief to the residents. Like we can include, existing sector-17 is just 400 meters away from the project area. The project is connecting with 45 meter wide sector road.

The project is having close proximity with the renowned Modern DPS School. Residents will be getting possession by the year 2015. Moreover, the project is adjourned with some of the renowned hospitals of the city. The project comes with other prominent facilities such as parks, lawns, swimming pool, kids play area, gymnasium, earthquake resistant structure. Then there is a special provision of 100% power backup for common area, round the clock water supply and full security system. Moreover, you will have close proximity of shopping complex, amusement center, Cineplex, sporting area and many more. Such kind of facilities provides a great comfort and pleasure since they do not need to go in far places. When it comes to rates of the property then we can say the project is not so costly. An average person can go with it and enjoy the lavishness in the home provided by SRS Group.

Pearl Jewellery Elegant And Sophisticated

Pearls are elegant and sophisticated. Women Of all different age groups love pearl jewellery. The best thing about pearls is that they are beautiful, economical and can be crafted into both contemporary and traditional designs.

Pearls are taking a substantial place in a young girls jewellery collection as well. This is because of ready available, contemporary jewellery in the form of earrings, pendants, sets which are affordable and not very expensive. Pearl danglers or studs both look good once worn.. It is best to buy jewellery that can be worn on a regular basis with a number of outfits.

Pearl Bracelets are also common amongst women. Bracelets with single lines of pearls are very common as they go with almost all kinds of outfits. Every women needs to have a plain pearl string in her jewellery collection.

Further pearl jewellery is meant for all occasions. Whenever you are getting ready for a casual get together, then a long pearl string with matching earrings is an excellent choice. For formal occasions, heavy multiple strings set with a dangling pendants and matching earrings would be a great option. Pearl jewellery goes well with traditional clothes such as sarees and suits.. Pearl Jewellery is equally popular amongst older ladies as well because pearl jewellery is simple yet sophisticated. You can also buy a combination of pearl sets and get great deals on these combos. Where you can use the extra sets to gift them to loved ones or keep all of them to go with all your outfits.

The gist is that whether the person is from young, middle age or an elderly person, Pearl Jewellery is an all-time favorite for all.

Visit to to find beautiful pearl jewellery for yourself or to gift to your loved ones.

Preparing To Be A Help Meet – An Overview

The best thing that comes in every woman’s life is marriage. Moreover, it is when a man and a woman decide to live their lives together in a lifetime. That is the reason why many women are planning for the perfect wedding to happen in their lives. Most usual wedding ideas are having the finest places for the ceremony and celebration, a “to-die-for” wedding gown and some other perfect designs for one wedding day. It is good to plan for the wedding, but sometimes the years of marriage itself were unprepared for. In the end, as the married life starts, some women are unprepared to become a good wife and mother to her growing family.

The book, Preparing To Be A Help Meet, shows young women in preparing for their upcoming married life and for other women who wanted to be the best wife and mother. Preparing To Be A Help Meet has some amusing stories of ordinary women in their life before the wedding and as a married woman. Three of the stories are testimonials of women with marriage for about 40 years. The other three stories are testimonials on how God guided them in preparing for their marriage. Those who will read the book will know how God bless their lives before and after the wedding. One good story is about a shy woman with no man to love, called the Hidden Flower, and finds a way for a man to be attracted to her. There are also some stories like the impatient women, also known as the Antsy Babes, which became patient and the Grabbers, or pushy girls.

Other stories found in Preparing To Be A Help Meet are short stories of different situations in marriage. There are narrations with positive outcomes in their married life but some have situations unasked for yet have great lessons to share. Lessons on how to become attractive and become the perfect wife are featured in the book. Those who read the book will know what to do and what not to do as well as what to avoid for a great relationship to flourish.

Preparing To Be A Help Meet show women what men are looking for in a future mate. It is explained why some men are not considering other women and why men wants a certain woman for a wife. At the end of the book are some men having their opinions and comments about the whole book. Even men on the lookout for a good wife will have an apparent idea on how women prepare themselves for a lifetime relationship with a good man.

Even if married life is not as perfect as the wedding, still it is a once in a lifetime experience needing priority and care for it to last long. It is not easily given up and does not have a chance to go back and repeat itself. It is a lifetime relationship of love made in the eyes of God. When God works in your married life, it is much easier and trials are less heavy. Readers will learn to let God be in their lives to bless them and guide them to a happier life.

Get your copy of Preparing To Be A Help Meet and begin proper preparation for marriage. You can also see more books by Debi Pearl at her website.

Fabulous Fremantle Western Australias Shoppers Paradise

One of the great pleasures of visiting enchanting new places such is the chance to pick up some of the local products. And whether as keepsakes, souvenirs or just clothes or
jewellery to wear, Fremantle has a range of inimitable items ranging from opals to chocolate. Here’s a look at the Fremantle shopping scene.

Fremantle has its High Street shopping scene with Essex Street, Market Street, and High Street all offering fine shopping options. Fremantle is home to the usual big department stores located around the malls and King’s Square. They are the places to pick up brand name cosmetics and designer fashions. But to really experience shopping here you have to head for the specialist shops and markets you can find around every corner.

First stop, get hold of some baubles to adorn your body. In Australia this means opals and pearls. Local opal shops buy directly from the miners and so prices are very competitive. They also create jewellery either with their own distinctive designs or to your specifications. Items in sterling Silver, and nine carat, 14 carat and 18 carat gold are available.

South Sea and freshwater pearls are another Perth speciality. Australian South Sea pearls are farmed in the waters off the northern Kimberley and Northern Territory coasts. They are considered the most beautiful and lustrous pearls in the world.

Another of Perth’s shopping delights is chocolate particularly the handcrafted chocolates produced by the Fremantle Chocolate Factory. You can visit for complementary chocolate and fudge tasting and watch the craftsmen at work making the chocolates. Among the offerings are truffles, pralines, chocolate bars, and novelty chocolates.

Aboriginal Art and Crafts are another great Fremantle purchase. These include original paintings and ceramics, wooden carvings and masks, along with items such as boomerangs, didgeridoos.

And finally, no visit to Fremantle would be complete without a visit to the city’s many markets. Fremantle Markets on South Terrace is the most venerable institution offering everything from fresh fruit to jewellery and local handicrafts. Visiting the Fremantle Markets is as much a cultural as a shopping experience, offering a rare and magical glimpse into Fremantle heritage.

Another gem of a market is the E Shed Markets in Victoria Quay. It date back to 1897 and was restored in 1975. Overlooking Fremantle wharf, this grand Victorian building features over 150 outlets selling everything from furniture, prints, pottery, antiques and old books, to seafood, cheeses, herbs, and spices.

E Shed Markets also features musical performances and magic shows and other amusements including rides for the kids. You can also get a massage or a hairdo here.

It also houses the E Shed Food Court and many cafes. You can get everything from Aussie tucker to Japanese and Indian cuisines, ice cream and fruit juices.

Fremantle is a shopper’s paradise and also offers a fine range of accommodation. Among the best Fremantle hotels are the Quest Harbour Village Perth and the Tradewinds Hotel Fremantle.

Honda Unicorn Dazzler

Honda Unicorn was initially launched in the year of 2005 and set the benchmark in the Indian two wheeler industry. It was introduced with a powerful engine, strong matured looks and spectacular performance. Honda Unicorn instantly took Indian bikers by surprise. Now the company has launched once again the upgraded model of Honda Unicorn Dazzler, this time the bike is mated with the five speed transmission and holds the displacement of 150 cc engine.

The engine of Honda Unicorn Dazzler has been kept unchanged as the forerunner of Honda Unicorn bike. Just that it has been rationalized to meet the stricter emission norms. The Honda Unicorn Dazzler comes loaded with a 150 cc engine that is infused with a high torque attributes. This makes the new Honda bike one of the most fuel efficient bikes in its segment

Honda Unicorn Dazzler engine is proficient of generating a peak power of 14bhp @ 8500 rpm with a peak torque of 13Nm @ 6500 rpm. The clutch lever drive is really smooth and the rider doesn’t need to use extra power on it. This along with the amazingly low torque rpm ensures a incredible Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler road performance.

There are much modification has been done in the upgraded model of Honda Unicorn Dazzler India in terms of design. The bike has been now introduced with an on-your-face naked bike styling. This bike gives the resemblance of recently announced CB Twister. With its high end designs, the Honda Unicorn Dazzler surely impresses the new-age bikers of India.

As per the company and Honda Unicorn Dazzler reviews the bike is allied with numerous of striking features like Stunning rear tail lamp, New front cowl, Front & rear disc brake, Attractive tank shrouds, Dual tone styling, Split grab rail, Digital Speedometer, Analogue Tachometer, Digital Fuel Gauge & Trip Meter, Matte finish alloy wheels, Matte finish exhaust, Tubeless Tires .

The new Honda Unicorn Dazzler will be the perfect choice for new generation youngsters in the country. It is available in some vibrant exterior shades like Armour Gold Metallic, Pearl Nightstar Black, Pearl Siena Red and Sword Silver Metallic. It is having a price tag of Rs. 62, 900, the ex-showroom price in Delhi.

Honda Unicorn Dazzler is a complete packaged bike with great ride, comfort and handling.The bike gives you better acceleration from start to end gear. There is disc brake both in front and rear with functional digital dash that gives you time too.