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Learn How To Clean Pearl Jewelry

The luster of pearl jewelry is without a doubt charming. No matter if it is a pearl necklace or maybe a pair of pearl earrings, you can’t help but appreciate their gleam. If you’ve paid for your own pearl jewelry or just accepted the piece to be a gift, it’s important to look after it to be certain it lasts a lifetime.
The Thickness of Pearl Jewelry
Diamonds, that have been compacted for eons deep within the world, happen to be the hardest gem stone in the earth. Pearls, conversely, are actually grown inside shells of oysters. These kinds of creatures of the sea manufacture the actual nacre of the pearl, the lustrous coating that provides pearls its luminosity. Unlike expensive diamonds, pearls tend to be tender, so you want to take the measures essential to continue to keep these kinds of gems appearing their finest.
Pearl Jewelry Is not for every Event
Even though a straightforward gold wedding wedding ring could stand up to the rigors associated with working together with your hands, your pearl band isn’t going to. The same remains accurate for your favorite pearl necklace along with pearl earrings. So usually do not have on your pearls while you engage in physical work, work in the backyard, or work out at the fitness center. The soil and sweat will shorten the life to your pearl jewelry. Likewise, whilst the pearls are derived from the water, that doesn’t mean that your pearl jewelry is going to survive whenever you swim in the ocean, surf, or scuba dive. Pearls certainly aren’t required to be closed away and work only for special occasions, but you should be careful that yout pearls are not ruined by the weather.
Chemical substances Can be Dangerous to Pearl Jewelry
As some people are sensitive to preservatives, pearl jewelry is often “hypersensitive” to hairsprays, fragrances, and ointments. The harmful chemicals confined in many of these solutions – even those identified as “herbal” – can easily shorten the life expectancy of the pearls. This is not to say that you ought to form your hair or apply your fragrance in case you’re going to put on your pearls. Rather, keep the “last on, first off” guideline at heart. When you find yourself dressing, your jewelry should be the very last item you put on, just before you head out the door. Whenever you come back, your pearl jewelry should come off first, prior to deciding to kick off your heels and relax for the night. By using this tip, you’ll reduce your pearl jewelry’s exposure to chemical substances and lengthen the life of your jewelry.
Keeping Pearl Jewelry Nice and Clean
Similar to all jewelry, pearl jewelry becomes filthy over time. You may softly clean your piece yourself using a a little wet fluffy clean pad. It truly is essential that you avoid any sort of scrubbing equipment, similar to a sponge as well as a tooth brush, and that you avoid using soap or detergent. After cleansing, place your pearls on a fresh, tender cloth to be able to dry.
It’s also possible to have your pearl jewelry professionally cleaned. Many jewelry retailers which are dedicated to pearl jewelry provide cleaning services for Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls, and freshwater pearls of every color – such as white, pink, and black pearls.
Re-Stringing Pearl Necklaces
When you’ve got an Akoya pearl necklace, a Tahitian pearl necklace, or a freshwater pearl necklace, and you wear it on a regular basis, it really is wise to replace the silk string just about every few years. Re-stringing your own pearl necklace helps ensure that it is not going to bust and you won’t lose one or more pearls.
By all means, appreciate putting on your pearls. And, by incorporating common sense treatment and cleansing, you can actually love it for years to come.

The Mastery Of Mixing Oil Paints By Celeste Stewart

Todays artists have a virtually unlimited palette with tubes of commercial oil paints available in every possible color and shade. Not only that, modern oil paints are easy to combine with one another, making it possible to create any color imaginable. In the past, artists had to hand grind pigments, mixing their oils individually before each painting session. The book, The Girl with the Pearl Earring, gave us a glimpse into this world, showing us Vermeer at work carefully mixing the brilliant colors by hand.

In fact, Vermeer used a simple palette consisting of about a dozen pigments to create The Girl with the Pearl Earring. This palette was similar to the palettes commonly used by Dutch painters of the time though Vermeer opted for the more expensive lapis lazuli over azurite. His brilliant blues were not the result of picking out a tube of paint that met his needs; they were the result of his mastery of mixing oil paints as well as his underpainting techniques.

Grinding pigments is an involved art form in its own right. Not only did the artist need to create the colors consistently for each painting session, the process involves precise measurements and precise grinding times. A minor adjustment changes the characteristics of the paint which could lead to undesirable colors and consistencies.

Oil paint consists of two components: pigment and oil. Pigments are usually mineral based or organic in nature. Most pigments come in powered form though some dyes are mixed with alum or clay. Oils act as binders to the pigment as well as lend their own characteristics to the paint. For example, linseed oil, walnut oil, and poppy oil each have their own characteristics both in terms of how well they handle as well as how the oil affects the color once the paint is dry.

Once an artist selects the pigment and binder, these components are then hand ground into a paste. Using a marble surface and a stone muller, the artist then grinds the paint until the desired characteristics have been achieved. In Vermeers time, the paints were of a much thicker consistency than the oil paints of today. The hand-ground oil paints of the time usually had to be created daily, as long-term storage was not feasible. Some excess paint could be stored in pig bladders temporarily.

In Vermeers time, and as illustrated in the book, an apprentice was often tasked with grinding and mixing oil paints. Once the apprentice mastered the art of mixing oil paints, the artist could then focus on the artwork itself.

However, Vermeer didnt simply apply his freshly mixed oil paints to the canvas as modern artists do today. First, he had to prepare the canvas, draw the outline, and then begin painting by using a process known as underpainting. This process involves painting a monochromatic version of the composition. Once dry, layers of color are then added. The underpainting provides depth and luminance to the final artwork. X-ray images of The Girl with a Pearl Earring reveal the presence of lead which indicates that Vermeer used lead white in his underpainting. Some scholars also believe that Vermeer used the camera obscura technique with this painting.

Regardless of how Vermeer crafted The Girl with the Pearl Earring, it is clear that Vermeer was a master indeed. From hand grinding pigments into brilliant colors to capturing the girls seductive innocence, a lifetime of dedication to art reveals itself on canvas.

Choose The Best Components And Metal Findings For Jewelry


Besides the numerous professional products, Punto Accessori also makes it possible for haberdasher’s and crafts lovers to create jewelry on their own. In fact, more than 700 items are available in convenient pouches bearing our logo and containing small amounts. Give free reign to your imagination and make your own personal jewelry accessory. You can choose only the best components and metal findings for jewelry or show off your own ethnic jewelry creations which are all the rage. The materials that can be used range from the classic metal components for jewelry to glass, from shell to wood, from semi-precious stones to bone.

You can decide whether to make classic bead jewelry or create jewelry like none that has ever been seen before, perhaps in mother-of-pearl. On the site you will find everything you need, you only add your imagination. Moreover, if you get your friends involved, you could place orders for amounts that let you make the most of the advantages Punto Accessori offers: check out the table of discounts!!

For those who wish to set up a special area for these products in their haberdashery shop, contact us for vertical display cases for the pouches or table stands for the spools of chain. So what are you waiting for? Creating your own jewelry accessories has never been this easy.


In any production sector, having the right tools is essential to achieving the best results. Punto Accessori has selected the best glues, produced by the best manufacturers, to offer you only the best. For gluing any type of fabric we recommend Bison Textile; for gluing anything else, whether it be accessories for leather goods, shoes or anything else, you can count on Uhu Plus.


A fundamental metal finding for jewelry, the setting is the base used to work up the accessory. They come in brass and zamak, with or without prongs, and range from the classical to the most extravagant shapes. They are extremely useful in producing accessories for shoes, leather goods or clothing. Settings are a key element for jewelry making.


The jewelry-making chain is a balance between esthetic beauty, processing technique and production quality. The broad sector for such items ranges from the smallest chains, wires and links to mesh sheets, from brass to steel or aluminum, with beads or with strass. They come in so many shapes that some chains, fit with a normal necklace clasp, can easily become a simple, trendy belt or a complete jewelry accessory.


One of the largest sections on the entire site, metal findings for jewelry-making are fundamental components for creating jewelry and much more. The numerous sections range from the lynchpins of the trade such as earring wires and backings, necklace clasps and end pieces, brooches, key chains, rods, wires and filigree; in other words the building blocks of jewelry-making materials. If you want to create any accessory for shoes, clothing or leather goods in general, this is your starting point.


This section presents the classical items such as plastic beads, the pioneer of the first bead jewelry, or cameos and plastic cabochons, and other more complex parts that take on a new role in compositions using glass beads or sequins. ABS is a separate chapter. This material is quite in vogue today since it maintains its shape and offers the benefits of plastic but, like metals, it can be given a galvanized color effect.


Highly unusual parts, ideal for ethnic jewelry, the Chinese lacquers can be divided into 2 basic categories. The black lacquers set particular ornamental decorations on a dark glossy, refined background; the red lacquers are used in relief, again set on a dark background to create contrasting parts that are of undisputed effect.


This section is dedicated to items made completely of resins or which are simply resin-coated. They offer an alternative idea for jewelry accessories that are different from the usual. Creating is easy: all you need is jewelry wire, some resin item, a necklace clasp and voil.


More than 1100 items of natural origin such as: bone, horn, wood, semi-precious stones, semi natural elements, bark, trimmings and glass. From the materials to the widest range of shapes, a splendid variety to wear nature and create ethnic or semi-precious stone jewelry and have a custom-designed jewelry accessory.


A category specially dedicated to the world of shells. The numerous items start with the simple shapes found in nature and move on to the most complex, sophisticated applications. We propose shells, set on jewelry wire, as natural trim for particular applications such as furniture. Simple items made of other materials are skillfully covered with shell work to become precious parts for jewelry accessories or leather goods and clothing.

Murrina glass:

This is the largest section of the entire site, offering 3000 different items of murrina glass, all of our manufacture. Creating glass jewelry has never been easier. The items range from solid color to the “millefiori” murrina glass, always created on a copper base, and on to the classical transparent, baseless glass “mini-bricks” that impart significant light-color effects.


A wide range of parts for creating glass jewelry that ranges from classic beads, whether smooth or cut glass, to multicolor compositions, pendants and sequins. Ideal for decorating and enhancing clothing or leather goods or for creating true and proper jewelry accessories.


A selection of exclusive items for handbags including, handles, mirrors or metal terminal pieces. The category, destined not only for leather goods suppliers but also others, offers handles in wood, bamboo, bone, covered with shell or enameled, to give the accessory a final design effect or a discrete touch of class.

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Shecy Pearl Jewelry High Quality With Affordable Price

Recently, many ladies keep asking us why Shecy can offer such wonderful pearls with high quality but at such low prices. I would like to get rid of these doubts about the price and quality issue for you and speak out the biggest secret quality of Shecy pearl jewelry.

As every knows that there are few countries around world provide dirty cheap labor force, and China is one of them, especially the workforce in medium city because of the low cost for living. And thats exactly where Shecy Pearl Jewelry headquarters locating Guilin, a medium city in south China. The location of Shecy Pearl jewelry headquarters tells a lot. For example, Shecy pays no more than $2000 for more than 2000 square meters brand new office building with river view monthly. Is there possibility to rent even a group team room in New York City within this budget? And Shecy gets more benefits from the wonderful location. Such as maintain low cost for salary, employees afternoon tea, travel expense from pearl farm which it locates just next province to Guilin, etc.

At the same time, Shecy Pearl Jewelry runs an effective way to maintain the high quality of products. For example, Shecy has got its own pearl farm and processing basement. The sale assistances of Shecy keep a close relation with them. When they order the products, they dont just send the order form; they contact the farmer by phone and confirm the quality grade is exactly what they want. If the quality grade of the pearls that they received is not the same as they thought, they will talk to the farmer immediately and ask for return. And thanks for the working hard employees of Shecy Pearl Jewelry; these processes will not extend for more than three days.

There is a very important fact about the quality: good quality deserves big money. Shecy Pearl Jewelry sells pearls from grade AAA to A+ and Shecy uses a stick pearl grading system which is according to the GIA (The Gemological Institute of America) original Pearl Grading System, including the quality factors size, shape, luster, nacre thickness and surface. And all of them are double checked by Shecy trained crowds and professional gemologist. A high quality of Shecy pearl ring does really look totally different from A+ grade one. There is no doubt that Better quality, higher price. We can compare with them by the picture showing below to tell how difference they are. Even both of them come from Shecy.

And there are some other factors affect the prices and quality: the type of precious metal and the side stones. With the same pearl, Diamond side stone 18 K gold ring is certainly more expensive then zircon 925 silver ring. So, material and quality both can decide the price of the pearl jewelry.

As you see, the biggest secret of Shecy High quality, reasonable prices is according to the economic theory and practice: low price depends on the low expense of business, type of material of the pearl jewelry and the quality of the pearl. I am sure that after reading this report about Shecy pearl quality, all of clients can be a well educated consumer and will never be fooled by gossip any more.

Pearl Earrings Designer Pearl Earrings That Match Your Facial Looks!

Pearl Earrings Designer Pearl Earrings That match your Facial Looks!

Jpearls earrings allow for so much experimentation. They could be daring or discrete, flashy or elegant. Whatever your attitude, sweet sexy or sporty, long hair or short, we have the right earrings that would always add so much charm to your style. Jpearls offers you such a wide range of pearl earrings, pearl hangings, pearl tops, pearl studs that no matter what your style or your preference, you could always find something just for you. We have a wide selection of dangling pearl earrings with exquisite design, some combining freshwater pearl like Akoya pearls, metallic pearls, Tahitian pearls & south sea pearls with precious gemstones for eye-catching dazzle, while others are simple and elegant adornments that might be the best choices to wear at work. All Jpearls earrings come with only the best quality pearls and gemstones. We offer top quality jewellery & customer service to our customers, Are you looking for gifting jewellery for someone special? Your search is over. Buy jewellery online from Jpearls, it is complete online shopping website. Yes, only the best top quality pearl jewellery!

Pearl earrings are the most charming part along your face, sometimes can better suite a lady’s face, and make her more attractive and beautiful. If you have oval face, then drop earrings, gourd-shaped or ball earrings are the good choice. It is considered as the ideal face shape, are characterized by being slightly wider at the cheekbones than the forehead or jaw-line. So you’d better avoid heart-shaped, flower, diamond shaped, stone earrings or exclamation point-shaped earrings.

If your face is square shape, you can choose long drop earrings, round ones, beaded earrings, or petal earrings, which add charming curves along the face, make you more famine looks. Square face can appear more rectangular if the face is narrow and more traditionally square if the face is wide.
In fact, round shaped earrings, exclamation point-shaped and crescent-shaped earrings are good for triangle face because the triangle shaped face has a narrower forehead and a prominent or wide jaw-line.

Other face shape and earrings: earrings for long face, try some round earrings, sector-style or square earrings. Not choose long dangle earrings or long oval ones. If you are of inverted triangle face, you should try some drop or round shaped earrings instead of diamond shaped and heart shaped earrings. The pearl earrings are like any other kinds of earrings where pearl is studded in the earrings. The price varies with the design of the earrings like Clip on earring, The Magnetic earrings, Ear Hook, Ear Screw and so on. But one of the factors that play significantly in this regard is the size and shape of the pearl concerned. The pearls are of various shapes, nearly round, round, bottom round, drop, baroque, semi baroque etc. The value of the pearl and hence the value of the earring depends on the color of the pearl as well. The color is generally white, however the other colors like cream, pink even black pearls are also found.

A Brief History Of Entertaining The Troops

Throughout the years celebrities have volunteered their time and talents, traveling to foreign countries. Aside from performing, celebrities commit to shake hands, sign autographs, teach clinics and help service members. Celebrities from all legs of the entertainment industry have volunteered. Celebrity performances often take place in unique locations, such as airplane hangers, flatbed trucks, military tents and bunkers.

Thousands of celebrities have entertained the troops in the last 68 years. Probably the most famous entertainer of the troops is actor and comedian Bob Hope.

Hope began performing for the USO in 1941 at March Field in California. He toured and entertained service members through World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War and the Persian Gulf War. In all Hope headlined 60 USO tours for 50 years. For his service through the USO, he was awarded the Sylvanus Thayer Award by the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1968.

One of the most supportive groups of celebrities who have volunteered to support the troops throughout the years is country music stars.

The USO’s partnership with the country music industry started when the USO started. Popular players from the Grand Ole Opry and Gene Autry’s radio show, “Melody Ranch,” traveled on several USO tours, entertaining service members stationed all over the world. Among the country music stars who toured with the USO in the 1940s were Red Foley, Roy Acuff, Minnie Pearl, Rod Brasfield, Little Jimmy Dickens, Hank Williams and more.

Country music stars continued to enthusiastically tour with the USO in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Among the stars to tour during these years were Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, The Judds and more.

The tradition of holiday tours continued in 2000 with Operation Seasons Greetings. Tracy Byrd, Toby Keith, Craig Morgan, Neal McCoy, Darryl Worley, Aaron Tippin, Trace Adkins, Steve Azar, Anthony Smith and James Otto are just some of the country musicians who toured both stateside and overseas.

In addition to country music stars, many other modern entertainment stars have also volunteered to entertain the troops in the last several years. Some of these celebrities are 50 Cent, Ben Affleck, Criss Angel, Regis Philbin, Kathy Griffin and Aerosmith.

In 2008 Kix Brooks, Neal McCoy, Scarlett Johansson, Third Day, Yellow Card and various contestants from the television show American Idol were among the celebrities who entertained the troops.

Wedding Jewelry – A Very Important Bridal Accessory

Bridal jewelry is a very important wedding accessory for any bride. Whether it is a necklace set, or a pendant set, bangles, rings, bracelets or earrings, the jewelry a bride chooses will be a very important part of her wedding. Bridal jewelry is actually an ancient practice that is said to have originated with the Romans and today can often be used to set the theme for a wedding. Many couples take extra care when choosing the appropriate wedding jewelry as it often becomes a keepsake to be passed down in the family from generation to generation.

No bride is complete without her bridal jewelry. The current trend in bridal jewelry is antique, vintage, and big and bold. If you are lucky to have the perfect antique piece of jewelry from a relative that you positively love, your search may be over. Not sure? Spend some time with your mother, grandmother or other favorite older relative and see what type of jewelry they may have to lend you. If you find something you absolutely love, then you have just found the perfect bridal jewelry for your wedding day.

Bridal jewelry can include pearl and crystal necklaces with a matching pair of earrings or can be as traditional as an ivory pearl necklace and earring set. Pearls are always in great demand as they look very sophisticated and elegant. Pearls also flatter your skin with pearl jewelry as they add hue to your look. If you are wearing an ivory or champagne colored gown, choose ivory pearls in a gold setting to complement the dress. For a more fashionable look, choose a pearl bridal jewelry set that is chunkier in style such as two or three rows of pearls or with a teardrop pearl pendant. Be sure to choose wedding jewelry with a comfortable fit that will resist pinching and moving on you and that you may want to wear again on another occasion to get more mileage out of your purchase.

Keep in mind that wedding jewelry is an essential accessory for any wedding participant including the bridal party. You can also be purchase your bridal jewelry in matching sets for the bridesmaids in a wedding ceremony. If your bridesmaids are wearing matching dresses, it makes sense that they would also wear matching jewelry. Bridal jewelry for flower girls is usually created in faux pearls available in white, ivory, pink and other colors. If the bride is going to be wearing pink stones, it will look equally stunning if the flower girl wears pink jewelry also.

Tiaras are one piece of wedding jewelry that used to be reserved for royalty or the very wealthy brides but not anymore. Today there has been a trend towards brides being able to wear tiaras as part of their bridal jewelry. Tiaras have been used to reaffirm the dignity and beauty of women for thousands of years. It lets them know that you have a sense of style that is elegant, tasteful, and timeless.

Choose whatever bridal jewelry look you like the best and you will feel as good as you look when you walk down that aisle!

How To Tell Dyed And Natural Pearls

High quality dyed pearls can be quite beautiful. When you first start looking at pearls, maybe it is hard for you to realize that black was a dyed color in freshwater or Akoya. There are some ugly dyed pearls too. Some dyed black pearls that have a sooty look. They will remind us of home-dyed hair, which is a kind of over-colored and unnatural.Therefore, a lot of people are faced with the question how to tell dyed pearls.

Lets get to know how pearls are dyed firstly. Generally speaking, infiltration is the common method of dyeing pearls. Dyestuff is penetrated into the pearl surface through infiltration. Freshwater pearls can be dyed easily in a short time (few hours or few days) because of the soft nacre. While South Sea pearls need much more time (one or two months) and are very costly to be dyed. Due to the compact nacre, it requires a strong light to accelerate the penetration and uniform distribution of dye, which is so called “laser dye,” “radiation stain” or “roast color”. Currently, the method can only be found in the South Sea pearls. And some golden South Sea pearls are dyed and even look more beautiful than natural golden ones. In other words, dyed golden South Sea pearls have metallic fluorescence which will make the golden color deeper because of long-term exposure of glaring light. As for Tahitian pearls, it has high failure rate in dyeing them and also extremely expensive. Therefore, people hardly find dyed Tahitian pearls in the market.

You may want to know some skills in distinguishing the dyed pearls and natural color pearls. Well, it is not difficult if the right methods are taken.

There are some tests Shecy can provide to help:

– Price test
Some types of true color pearls are typically expensive, e.g. Tahitian pearl, Golden South Sea pearl, Akoya pearl with Rose overtone (Hanadama pearl). If the price is unbelievably low and the merchant doesn’t own a special reason for this price. The pearls are probably treated.

– Size test
If a pearl’s diameter is smaller than 9mm, and is marked as Tahitian pearl or Golden South Sea pearl, that must be false color. For almost all Tahitian and South Sea pearl, expect for their Keshi pearls, are larger than 9mm. Akoya oysters, on the other hand, can only produce a wide range of pearls below 9mm.

– Drilled-hole test
Look at the drilled hole of a pearl. If the nucleus looks dark and nacre inside looks white, the pearl is dyed. The other clue that indicates dyed pearl is dye concentrating around the drill hole or on some spot of pearl surface.

– Color test
Observe the pearl color carefully. Any of the following clues would indicate whether the pearl is dyed or not.
Anyway, dyed pearls are not fakes, but people can get them much easier than pearls of natural color. They fulfill people’s desire of special fashion in different occasions while cost less. For their soared price, few people can afford natural black or golden pearl, treated pearl is undoubtedly a great invention to fit different tastes and trends.

Pearls Compliment The Femininity Of Any Women Regardless

The price of natural pearls has become exorbitant, as they are exceedingly rare. Pearls that are cultured comprise the bulk of recently crafted pearl jewelry. The cost will depend on the quality of the pearl jewelry and how it compares to industry standards.

The are particular attributes that pearls have that you should be aware of before making a purchase. Pearls that are truly spherical and are large in size are the most sought after. The luster of the pearl will also have an impact on the price. Because of their ideal spherical shape and beautiful white luster, the Japanese Akoya pearls tend to be the most expensive.

These pearls are perfect when used individually and set in a pendant or a pair of earrings. If you are looking for something that has a little more color, Tahitian cultured pearls come in an array of colors. Tahitian cultured pearl necklaces that are multicolored have become very popular as fashion accessories.

It is wise to purchase an array of loose pearls if you want to have a piece of jewelry made to your specifications. If you are going to have a pair of earrings made, two pearls of the same dimensions and weight will be required. It will cost you more to purchase pearls in matched pairs. It will save you a little money if you purchase all of the pearls you will need for a custom made necklace together.

It is a good idea to purchase your pearl jewelry from seaside vendors when vacationing in an appropriate locale, as this can save you a significant amount of money.

As pearls are made of organic materials, they can begin to deteriorate and lose luster when the calcium carbonate becomes dehydrated. Your pearl jewelry can remain beautiful for a very long time as long as you look after them well.

Clean them by placing the pearls into warm, soapy water and thoroughly drying them with a soft fabric towel or cloth. Putting some sandalwood oil on the drying cloth will keep the pearls from dehydrating and fracturing.