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Pros and Cons of Shopping at Online Boutiques

Many people are now opting to purchase their apparel through the internet. There are thousands of online boutiques operating worldwide. Shopping online for apparel has its pros and cons.

There are many pros to shopping for clothes online. For residents in smaller towns, online fashion stores give them different shopping alternatives with much more varieties and choices. Most popular boutiques are concentrated in bigger cities. There are fewer boutiques in smaller towns and choices are limited. By shopping online, residents in smaller towns have much more choices without the need to drive all the way to big cities.

For city dwellers, online shopping is a great time saver. Shoppers no longer need to drive to malls or shops to purchase the apparel. It can be tiring and stressful to drive especially if you encounter traffic congestion, which is getting increasingly common. Shopping at online boutiques also eliminate the hassle of looking for a parking spot, walking from shop to shop looking for the right clothing and jostling with packed crowds especially on weekends.

Online boutiques are also able to offer much more choices compared to a brick and mortar shop. This is because the number of apparel that a physical shop can display is limited by the size of the shop. An online store does not have such limitation. The seller can post pictures of as many designs as they want for shoppers to choose from.

Of course, shopping for apparel online has its cons as well. First of all, you do not get to physically feel and touch the actual product itself. You need to rely on the pictures posted and product description as written by the seller. Until you received the product, you will not be sure whether the quality of the material is as what the seller claims to be.

You also will not be able to try on the clothes to see whether it fits. You can only rely on the measurements given by the sellers which may not be entirely accurate. Some online boutiques do not offer a product return policy if the clothes sold does not fit. Even if the boutique does allow product return or exchange, it is a hassle for the buyer who needs to arrange shipping of the products back to the sellers.

Although shopping online has its cons, it is undeniably a growing trend especially among the younger generations. With more and more people opting to purchase their apparel online, online boutiques will remain popular for years to come.

Finding A Reliable Gaming Laptop Comparison Shopping Site

Comparison shopping is the technique you should adopt while shopping for any electronic device. It is a technique that lets you compare and understand the pros and cons of any laptop. Since gaming laptop is in great demand these days, many people are trying to purchase a good laptop for gaming at an affordable price.

There are plenty of sites on the web that lets you compare laptops. Some of these sites even allow you to purchase laptops from their site. Are they reliable? You may not have a good answer to this question. Hence, you should find a reliable comparison shopping site for purchasing gaming notebooks.

Here are some qualities that will help you determine whether a comparison site is good or not:

Should not biased
They should not be biased to a particular brand and try to upsell it. A honest site will always provide you with genuine information according to your requirements.

Easy to understand
Many people cannot easily understand the jargons mentioned on such site. So, it should provide enough information on understanding basic things like what is a graphic card, what is a processor and so on. They should be able to answer all the sales related question. Technical support can be considered as an added benefit.

Should be in business since a long time
Many comparison shopping sites have started in the recent past. However, the ones that are in business since a long time understand the customers requirement and can be considered reliable. If you are able to trust that site, you wont be having any issues in purchasing a laptop from that site.

If the site sells laptops, it should also make sure that its customers receive the machine they have ordered in working condition. That is the reason why, they should do performance testing and various kinds of test to make sure the notebook is working properly.

Return policy
Other than providing comparison shopping on gaming laptop, if the site also sells the laptops, then it should also provide with a money return policy. If the site is authentic, it will never hesitate to mention its money return policy. So, if you are not satisfied with the laptop, you can return them back and get money back without answering any questions.

Bangalore Shopping Malls

It is believed that the measure of a city’s appeal relies inside the fence of its malls or so goes the famous mantra of shopaholics across the globe. And if that is the case, the city hailed as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore beats all others to emerge to the top as the most attractive zip code in Karnataka. As the undeniable shopping capital in the area, Bangalore is a hotspot for purchasers on the lookout for the prototypical mall experience in the heart of India’s southern state. Below is a comprehensive review about some of the popular shopping malls in Bangalore:

Forum Mall

Situated on Hosur Main Road in Koramangala, Bangalore, Forum Mall is a shopping mall is kind of a tempting venue when you want to experience some retail therapy in a typical Bangalore style. Distinguished as the go to place for Swarovski Crystals and universal brands like Tommy Hilfiger, this 625,000 square foot mega shopping mall presents shoppers with fashionable Indian wear including customary khadis. PVR movie theatre and a traditional British pub in Forum Mall guarantee an extravagant shopping experience like no other.

Address: Hosur Main Road, Koramangala, Bangalore 560095.

Landmark: Near Big Bazaar.

Garuda Mall

Located in Magarth Road near Brigade Road, Garuda Mall is a huge mall spread across 300,000 sq ft of land. It is comprised of 5 storeys and roughly about 150 stores. One will be able to find anything under the sun on sale in this haven. Inox, one of the renowned multiplex is located here which adds up to the source of entertainment.

Address: 15, Commissionaire Junction, Magrath Road, Bangalore 560025.

Landmark: opposite to Home Stop.

Cosmos Mall

Cosmos Mall has turned into a high-flying shopping center of Whitefield and Marthahalli. The Mall encompasses a perfect blend of Lifestyle and value brands. The entire retail space in the mall is 145,000 sq ft consisting ground plus 4 storeys. The 4th floor has giant rooftop Food Court and Sports Bar Xpress. The distinctiveness of the Sports Bar Xpress lies in its amenities like pool table, cricket field, basket ball and dart games.

Address: ITPL Road, Brooke Fields, Bangalore 560037.

Landmark: Next to HP Petrol Bunk.

Gopalan Legacy Shopping Mall

Spread across a whopping 138,000 sq ft of land, Gopalan Arch Mall is an ultramodern glass structure comprised of 4 storeys. The mall constitutes of 3 screen multiplex, a food court, play area for children and lot more. It is under construction is to be completed soon. Some of the brands that you will able to find are Nokia, Adidas, Coffee Shop, Benetton, Food Court, Upper Crest, Live In, Wrangler, Raymonds, Derby, Classic Polo and many more.

Address: 148, Mysore Road, Bangalore 560026.

Landmark: Near Siris Circle.

Shoppers Stop

Hailed as the Harrods of Bangalore, Shopper’s Stop is just another underscore in addition to the 5th Avenue Mall where men and women’s wear, fine jewelry, salons, gaming arcades, and food courts take up the property’s 4 storeys.

Address: Ground Floor, NS Palya, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore 560076

Landmark: Near Jayadeva Hospital.

What Do People Dislike About Online Shopping

What Do People Dislike About Online Shopping?

In an industry where double-digit growth has previously been the norm, it would seem
hard to imagine finding much dissatisfaction amongst its consumers. Online shopping,
one would gather, offers benefits that would attract anyone who has a computer with
access to an internet connection. Although not everyone has that access (in the
United States over 50% of the US population is now connected to the Internet), those
that do are not 100% convinced that online shopping is the way to go.

In finding out about the why, what and how of online shopping, you may be surprised by
why people shop online, what they dislike about shopping online, and how online shopping
might change to continue growing in the future as it has in the past.

Online buyers are shifting a greater share of their purchases from the traditional brick and
mortar stores to the web in search of more convenience, cost savings, and broader product
selection. These three “whys” of online shopping were found to be consistent throughout
the research for this article. According to an October 2008 report by Forrester Research,
in a survey of 1000 adult online buyers, 48% expect to find the best values online (that’s
up from 41% in 2007). In a report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project entitled
“Online Shopping:Convenient but Risky”, the whys were similar. Of the people surveyed
for the report, 78% stated convenience while another 68% cited saving time as the reasons
for shopping online.

Further evidence of the reasons why people shop online was reported in June 2008 by
ERetail in their “Top 100 Online Retail Index” . The major factors for shopping online were
financial(26%), gas prices(16%) and the economic outlook(14%). Additionally, 34% of those
surveyed said they planned on spending more money shopping online. If financial and the
economic outlook are about savings, then gas prices (not driving to the store?) is about
savings and convenience. And of those planning to spend 34% more, they probably have
found out about the broad product selection.

If the “whys” of people shopping online seemed consistent, then so will the “whats” of things
that people dislike. It’s not surprising that in an industry with such dramatic growth (more on
that later), technology glitches and process management have combined to create some
dissatisfaction. That those same areas of dissatisfaction are consistent tells us that those
areas can be improved if not totally eliminated.

In a Nielsen Consumer Report/Global Survey conducted in February 2008, the top security
concerns regarding online shopping were reported. The first concern was not receiving the
item(s) purchased or receiving different item(s) than what was purchased. The second
security concern was that personal information would be sold to a third party. Lastly, the third
concern was financial information being stolen. Referring back to the Pew Project, it was
reported that 75% of those surveyed were concerned about both financial and personal
information being secure. The other area of concern was regarding the amount or the way
which online shopping information was presented, with 58% stating they found that information
to be overwhelming. The Privacy Rights Clearing House, a report titled “Online Shopping Tips:
Ecommerce and You” cited the number one concern of online shoppers as a combination of
Pew research piece. Those online shoppers in the Privacy Rights piece declared that not only
should the payment and product process be secure, but that both the financial and purchase
information be simplified, not in any way overwhelming.

If Ecommerce growth will be fueled to some degree by increased spending of current online
buyers, then attracting new online shoppers seems to be a key factor in the equation of
continued growth. However, although online shoppers agree to the benefits (convenience,
savings, selection), most also agree on the detractions (financial and personal information
security, the purchase process). Let’s take a look at some of the numbers to see how change
could affect growth.

If we look back at the Forrester Research report of October 2008, we find some of those
interesting numbers. Forty-seven percent of online shoppers plan to spend the same amount
in the next twelve months. Further stated, 27% plan to spend more and 26% plan to spend
less money. By my math, that adds up to basically flat growth. The US Department of
Commerce projects the 2008 growth for online shopping to be about 7% (the DOC tracked the
industry’s growth rate at 20% plus since 1999). Additionally, eMarketer reports the 2008 holiday
season (November & December) grew at about 10%. Combining the DOC and eMarketer
findings, we do see some growth but not at near the double-digit rates of years past.

So what’s an industry to do? Referring again to Pew finds an interesting analysis. Pew
measured the combined effect of making non-online shoppers comfortable with some of the
hesitancy of shopping online. The data gathered reflected financial/personal information, the
purchase process, along with the previous “whys” regarding savings, convenience and
selection. Improving the confidence of non-online shoppers in these areas could have an overall
impact of as much as 12% growth. If you consider that some of the drop-off in growth may be
due in part to economic concerns around the world, then sustained ecommerce growth seems
very much a potential outcome.

In closing, because online shopping is such a dynamic industry, the technical and processing
aspects will only continue to improve. As those two areas seem to be at the root of any
dissatisfaction with online shopping, those improvements are probably in place and taking
affect. Making online shopping a better experience benefits all of us –
those who provide it and those who use it.

Jackie Caggz
NeverPayFullPrice Online Shopping

Shopping Stylish And Trendy Ladies Tops And T Shirts Online

Stylish and trendy clothes have always been a weakness for ladies. When it comes to clothes for ladies, most of them want to get the branded one. Due to increasing craze for stylish and trendy ladies tops and ladies t shirts, many clothing companies are emphasizing more upon the designs and styles of t shirts and tops. Due to all the competition amongst clothing company, there has been high level of innovation and variety of styles in ladies dresses and clothing. So you can find a wide range of ladies clothes in the market as well as on internet.

No matter whether you are looking for stylish ladies top or t shirts, you will be able to get it on internet or in the market. Branded ladies clothing not only makes them look elegant but also ensure that ladies get the most comfort from it. Mango is one of the leading clothing brands that provide an exclusive range of high quality and trendy ladies clothes like t shirts, tops, dresses, knitwear, jeans, trousers, sweaters, cardigans, blouson, skirts and accessories at affordable prices.

Internet is the best place to shop ladies clothes. Online clothes shopping offer you a chance to choose from a wide range of options. Clothes are cheaper online because online stores dont have any overhead expenses. Online clothes shopping saves you time and money and also permits you to browse a range of ladies clothes that you may not be able to browse in the traditional stores.

You can shop ladies top and ladies t shirts online at shopatmajorbrands. At this store you will ladies tops and ladies t-shirts from Mango brand. No matter whether you are looking for ladies tops, t shirts, dresses, shirts, cardigans, sweaters, shorts, denims, trousers or jackets, you will be able to find a huge range of ladies clothes at this online store in different sizes, color and designs. Along with ladies clothes the store sells many other products like men and kids clothing, footwear, shoes, cosmetics, sunglasses, handbags, watches, accessories and more from some of high end fashion brands. The best part of shopping with this online store is that it offers you an opportunity to shop from some of the high end brands like Inglot, Nine West, Provogue, Park Avenue, b: Kind, Mango, Aldo, Giordano, M- Square, Polar, Quicksilver, Replay, Opium, Ferrari, Qup Accessories, Queue Up and Just For Kids. This store frequently updates its brands, products and sales.

Safe Internet Shopping

SAFE INTERNET SHOPPING That certainly seems to be the question on everyones minds these days, and it should be. The Internet has opened up the world of products and services to all of us in ways we could not have imagined even 5 years ago. Today shopping on the Internet is commonplace. We shop online for convenience, because we hate the crowds at the mall and the rude sales people, gas prices are so high, there are no close shopping centers to where we live or simply we are unable to get out to do any shopping. The following contains a few things that might make you feel safer about shopping on the internet, what to look for when shopping and who to go to when you feel you have been wronged. You may also find this information under Is Internet Shopping Safe at HOW SECURE IS YOUR TRANSACTION? How do you tell if the Internet connections are secure? “Identity Theft” sometimes occurs when someone gets your credit card, bank account or social security number and buys goods or gets credit cards or loans in your name. Carefully guard personal information that might allow a thief to impersonate you or use your credit.

Industry has developed technology that can scramble sensitive information, such as your credit card number, so that only the merchant you are dealing with and your credit card issuer can read it. There are several ways to determine if you have that protection when you are sending payment information on the web. Look for the picture of the unbroken key or closed lock in your browser window. Either one indicates that the security is operative. A broken key or any open lock indicates it is not. Look to see if the web address on the page that asks for your credit card information begins with “https:” instead of “http.” Https indicates a security in operation page. Some web sites use the words “Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)” or a pop up box that says you are entering a secure area. These security protections do not work in e-mail. So, make sure you send personal and payment information in a secure web transaction. Would you rather give your credit card information over the phone? Many web merchants allow you to order online and give your credit card information over the phone. If you do this, make a note of the phone number, company, the date and time of your call, and the name of the person who recorded your credit card number.

Different passwords? Passwords are required at various stages of computer use and web shopping to help assure that someone is not misusing your computer or personal information. If you use a password to log on to your network or computer, use a different password for orders. Some web sites may require you to create a password for future orders. You may want to create a special password for particularly sensitive sites, such as your home banking site. Choose your password. The best passwords are not your address, birth date, phone number, recognizable words, or even your pet’s name (which might be guessed by someone who has other information about you.). Each website is different and may ask for a certain minimum number of letters, numbers and punctuation marks. An easy way to create a memorable password is to take the first letter of each word in an expression or song lyric, and add some numbers and punctuation marks. For example, “tmottobg!5” is derived from a line in “Take Me Out To The Old Ball Game.” Recording your password Don’t write down any password near your computer where someone could see it or carry it in your purse or billfold. If you do record it somewhere, reverse the order of the characters or transpose some letters or numbers. That way, someone finding it won’t have discovered your true password. Who wants to know your password or other identifying information? Be very careful about responding to an e-mail, phone call, fax, or letter from anyone who asks for your password(s), social security number, birth date, bank account, credit card number, mother’s maiden name, or other personal information. Sellers and financial institutions do not ask you for such information unless you are entering into a transaction with them.

Why Is a Shopping Cart Important

When you hear the term shopping cart, you may think of the physical shopping cart that you push around the store when you go to a supermarket. That is not the type of shopping cart being referred to here. Rather in e-commerce terms, a shopping cart is a virtual basket where you collect items that you would like to purchase online. It has the same use a physical shopping cart. It simply operates in a virtual online environment.

How an e-Commerce Shopping Cart Works

An e-commerce shopping cart is usually linked up to your payment mechanism and merchant account. As items are added to the shopping cart, the software automatically draws up an inventory of the items listed for purchase. It will usually have the name of the shopping cart, the price and the quantity wanted for purchase. At any stage while the customer is browsing the website, they can click on the shopping cart and see what items they have chosen to purchase. When customers are ready to check out, they can simply open the shopping cart, check the contents and then proceed to the checkout to make payment.

Benefits of Using a Shopping Cart on Your Website

Imagine if you wanted to shop for a number of different items but you weren’t able to collect them. After finding each item, you had to proceed to the checkout and pay for each item individually. Thereafter, you could head back into the store and get the next item. No one would shop like that in a real supermarket so expecting customers to do so on an e-commerce website is not good business practice. Even though there is no physical effort involved the process, it is still time consuming and could be frustrating to customers. A shopping cart allows customers to collect items and then conveniently pay for everything at once.

Another benefit of a shopping cart is that it can actually help you increase your sales. If customers find one product on your site, there is the distinct possibility that they will be interested in other similar or complementary products that you have on offer. By having a feature that makes suggestions to your customers, they may end up buying several products from you instead of just one. From a customer’s perspective, a shopping cart makes shopping online far more convenient. If you see a product you like, you can earmark it by adding it to your shopping cart. Doing so does not mean that you are obligated to purchase it. It simply means that you are interested in purchasing it and want to set the item aside. You are then free to continue browsing the website for other products that may be of interest to you.

How a Shopping Cart Integrates into Your e-Commerce System

A shopping cart is just one of the components that makes shopping online possible. It usually comes as part of your payment mechanism or e-commerce merchant account solution. The shopping cart links up to the product database and depending on what system you have, it could also be linked up to your inventory and delivery system. As products are added to the shopping cart, your database of products is updated. This can then show other customers if you have the item in stock or if it is sold out. The shopping cart is also the first step in the payment process. Since most online transactions are paid for using credit cards, the shopping cart is usually linked to your merchant account. In order to facilitate the payment process, it is important that the whole checkout process is smooth, fast and efficient. Using one system that starts with the shopping cart and ends with the payment confirmation is one of the best ways to ensure that this is the case.

The Importance of Efficiency on an e-Commerce Site

In the online environment, customers are impatient and fussy. If a system takes too long, does not offer benefits, or is cumbersome to work through, customers will simply logout and shop elsewhere. Worst of all there is no way for you to gauge a customer’s reaction to your system in the online environment. In a real store, you may have the opportunity to talk the customers around if you see they are unhappy about something; however, in the online environment, customers either purchase from you or they don’t. You therefore need to make sure that your systems are efficient and user-friendly, and a shopping cart is an important part of that process.

People Who Hate Shopping

Have you ever wanted to purchase something, yet you were not in the mood to drive to the store? Maybe you were feeling a bit under the weather, or simply didn’t feel like walking through crowded stores and standing in annoyingly long lines. How many times have you actually forced yourself to go despite not feeling this way, just to take advantage of certain savings from a coupon that will expire soon, or a sale that merely lasts a day or two? There is good news: There is no need to venture outside your home again, if you’re feeling under the weather, just to reap the benefits of a great sale, or to utilize soon-to-expire coupons. There is an awesome internet web site that offers loads of coupons, for nearly every item that you could possibly be interested in buying. Hand bags, perfume, clothing for the entire family, music, videos-and much more are offered at amazingly low prices, in addition to the wonderful, money-saving coupons. This awesome site is as per attached links below. And one great thing about this site is that the coupons never expire. Now you definitely can’t beat that!

There are many problems that can incur by simply going shopping at the local mall, or local Wal-Mart. It can be a real headache, especially for those who despise shopping. Why do people dislike shopping? Well, there are many reasons for this. First of all, some people simply don’t like getting out in heavy traffic to go to a store, especially at certain times of the day. Lots of people also dread going to stores because they hate crowds. It irritates them immensely to have to squeeze through a large mob of crazed shoppers in order to find and pay for their purchase. They would just rather have someone else do the shopping or shop online.

Another reason why some people hate going out to shops is because it can be very frustrating. The store may not have the size or color of the item that they’re looking for, causing them to have to go from store to store, in search of the perfect product. This can be very time-consuming, as well as tiring. And of course, this can be totally avoided by shopping online at the above-mentioned website.

Other people may dislike going out to shops because they are simply impatient people. It irritates these types of people to have to search through racks and racks of clothing in order to find what they want. They would much rather sit in front of the computer and order the items of their choice by taking advantage of the convenience of the internet. This is just fine, too, because more and more people are realizing the benefits of online shopping.

Online Shopping – Practical, Economical & Fun Method Of Shopping

Major changes are taking place in the world today. Some of them are favourable and some of them are unfavourable. Online shopping is one of the favourable changes that have taken place. The emergence many online shopping companies providing great services and products online has limited the scope of physical market and widen the scope of online retail stores.
The word favourable is used along with internet shopping is because people find it really easy to shop online rather than going out to the physical markets, driving their cars in crowded roads, carry cash and bank ATMs etc. All you need is one computer with internet and you can buy from a pin to plane from vast internet shopping portal.
The main advantage of internet shopping is that it allows people to browse through many items and categories without leaving their house, to compare the prices of as many shops as they want, and also to order as many items as they can afford without having to worry about how they will transport them, because the online shopping websites also deliver the things to the buyer’s home. Furthermore, the Internet is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you don’t have to hurry or worry about finding a parking spot.
Some people yet think that online shopping not that good as it seems to be. They believe that it has a fake spark. Well no doubt affordable internet shopping has spark but it is not at all fake. Online shopping India companies offer great offers and different schemes to make your shopping more affordable.
Another advantage of online shopping over the physical market shopping is that internet shopping is wider in scope as compare to any other form of shopping. You can choose from a variety of products offered by different internet shopping companies. Other features like free home delivery, credit card payment, bank payments, after sale support, detailed information about the products etc can makes the internet shopping more attractive and worth taking.
After you’ve done some online shopping you’ll see how easy it is and you’ll quickly get used to it. Soon you will know what the best shopping websites like able you buy the things you need in very easy and fast way, saving a lot of time and trouble. Online shopping is the most practical, economical and fun method of shopping, that is perfect for everyone.

The Scope Of Internet Shopping

The scope of internet shopping

It was a time of past to spared your business in market by conventional methods. Old market is today converted in high tech markets. Today if you want to purchase any item from abroad you need not to go or you need not to call them for a sample. You can find their products and see the catalogue on internet. Internet enables you to shop throughout world from the comfort of your home. Internet has some special characteristics which no other medium have. Only internet can provide you such special information even no salesman can help you as internet helps. Countless people can see products at a single movement, as well as they can purchase the product same time. You can compare various product and choose which is more useful for you, You have the facility to visit websites as much as you like no restriction on you here you will find approximately all world class brands and their products you have the facility to compare them, arrange according to many types like by price, by size, by category, by most salable item and many more. This facility enables you to choose. This way of shopping provides a new way of shopping.

You get to identify the products, compare the prices and quality and view the products from different angles. Testimonials and reviews are the unique feature of shopping where you can share your experiences with other users/consumers. The most exciting aspect of internet shopping is that it is a 24×7 affair! And youre free to shop on your leisure hours and even holiday are useful for shopping for you. Your time is best valued here. You need not to go market so no tension of conveyance, pollution, traffic etc.

The other dimension is that you directly purchase the items from original merchant in online shopping no mediator comes between you and merchant so it becomes cheaper to purchase item. Fewer mediators less price. Merchant will also save his money by selling of goods on internet. merchant need not to spent for staff, showroom, other shop expenses. He can sale by less resources and less expenses, some online store do not have their physical showroom they display their product and services online and deliver goods on customer ‘s door such merchant save a lot of expenses and they work in less capital thats why they are able to sale goods on low prices.

Internet has a very bright future. If you want to increase your business and cross the boundaries of region you need to take help of internet. Without going online you cant think about your progress worldwide. In this regard you can see all large scale business. Big brand, big shopping store are online. Online shopping is the demand of todays modern time. Time and quality is the main subject of online shopping. Today everybody is running to save time and who saves time automatically save money. Day to day needed item is now available on internet and people prefer to shop online. Not only for progress but also to survive in this competition era business internet help.

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