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Best Hosted Shopping Cart Ecommerce Benefits

Many types of shopping carts are available to use in market at different rates with different quality of service. But here we will try to sort out hosted shopping cart software benefits according to its quality of service and obviously its cost.
Cost Saving:
Hosted shopping cart is less expensive as compare to other shopping cart software as well it will save our time. In short a hosted Shopping cart software is able o save our money and time both.
It provides hosting services because hosted shopping cart use service providers shopping art software.
You will not need to extra services for data protection or any virus attack on your shopping cart because your data will be stored at service provider”s secured server.
No need to hire another hosting company.
Hosting service charges and subscription fees all goes to just one company and that will be shopping cart service Provider Company.
Constant Software Improvements:
We know information technology grow very rapidly and you have to face new developments and need to do changes in your shopping cart with time. But in with the use of hosted shopping cart software you do not need to worry about this. When you use hosted shopping cart services monthly or quarterly subscriptions you will get all updates free of cost. This is also good for merchants because the also do not need to download all updates ever time.
It”s better to choose a hosted shopping cart software as compare to buy your own alone shopping cart software for which you have to pay for every or mostly updates.
Value-Added extra features:
Nowadays shopping cart development is very fast and a lot of people come with amazing ideas. This is why shopping cart software service providers always tried to improve cart features as well they try add more and more new value-added services. At the end all that developments are made to improve the cart efficiency and for the increase in cart usage.
Now shopping cart service providers also offers online chat technical support for solving customers” problems right away.
Some shopping art service providers offer affiliate programs to their customers and give them some kind of rewards against each affiliate.
Now Hosted shopping art software service providers use maximum global and local payment gateways which are helpful increasing their sales.
Here are some usual benefits of using hosted shopping cart software
Free Shopping upgrades:
As we discussed earlier if you are using hosted shopping cart you will get all software upgrades free of cost because you”re paying on regular basis.
Free Maintenance:
We know that maintenance is need of every tool whether it”s a software or physical tool. Well here we are talking about hosted shopping cart software which also gives us free maintenance.
Complete feature set:
When you use hosted shopping cart software service you will feel to have ever thing you need for our online ecommerce business. But on the other hand if you buy your own shopping cart software you will always feel something is missing.
Free Support:
Almost ever hosted shopping cart service Provider Company offers free support to its customers. That”s a big plus to you because if you buy your own software they can”t give you 24/7 free support and you will have to contact them via emails or might be via chat.

How To Make Money Quick By Locating And Returning Shopping Buggies

Trying to find an easy way to make money quick? Should you have a large utility vehicle, like a pick-up truck, you can recover and then return shopping carts for a cash reward.

Almost every mid to large retail grocery, variety and also department store has got a stock of shopping buggies available. They are purchased by the retailer, of course, so that customers can use them whenever shopping in their store.

Shopping buggies are very pricey. The average price for the retailer for only one is actually between 75 and 100 dollars. Large versions such as the style you find at wholesale and also club retailers can easily run well over 200 dollars or even more.

Most stores have got dozens of them; busy big-box retail stores might even have hundreds of them. Purchasing enough of them to be able to fulfill a store’s need and also traffic levels requires a significant investment of cash.

It is, consequently, in the best interest of the retailer to protect this investment. Most merchants implement their best to ensure that shopping carts remain on business property. Even so, shopping cart thievery is all too frequent. The average retailer manages to lose roughly $8,000 to $10,000 per year to this issue.

Because they are very costly to buy, numerous store owners as well as retail companies pay cash rewards for the return of shopping buggies which have been stolen (or “borrowed”) and never returned. Cash incentives typically range from 25 to fifty dollars per cart.

Here’s the way to recover and give back shopping buggies to get cash: make contact with retailers in your area which have shopping carts. Determine if they pay for returned shopping buggies. Many will, but won’t provide cash rewards to just anybody. (Store proprietors do not want the general public to misuse the reward system by stealing carts themselves to obtain the reward.) Typically you have to sign a cash-for-retrieval contract.

You’ll need to provide various forms of identification, usually a driver’s license plus one additional item (like a Social Security or credit card). You may have to sign a waiver absolving the particular store of accountability in the occurrence regarding something unanticipated.

You can make agreements with any of the merchants close to you. The more contracts you have, the more cash you can earn.

If you’ve resided in your city for virtually any period of time, you have probably noticed common dump sites for the thieved shopping buggies. Go to these particular spots on a regular basis. Additionally, get into the habit of always keeping your own eyes open every time you are out and about town. You’ll likely spot discarded shopping carts regularly. You’ll be able to pick these up and return them as you discover them, or store them at your house until you have a few of them.

Your pay-per-retrieval agreement should declare the actual conditions of your payment. Most stores pay cash on-the-spot for contracts that bring back shopping carts. In the long run, both parties win. You make quick money and go back home having money in your wallet. The particular store will save hundreds and perhaps even thousands of dollars which would likely be needed to replace stolen shopping carts.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate Went Up By 2.7% in Q1 2008

Shopping cart abandonment rate increased in US by 2.7% from 57.88% in Q1 2007 to 59.43% in Q1 2008. Abandonment of shopping cart pages was more in the first quarter of 2008 when compared to same period in 2007 according to Market Live Performance Index. The study says, two third of consumers put items into shopping cart but end up without buying the items.

Facts related to shopping cart: The following facts are according to Market Live Performance Index 2008.

The percentage of visitors to shopping cart increased by 0.51% from 8.36% in Q1 2007 to 8.87% in Q1 2008.

Percentage of visitors who take desired action i.e. making a purchase, registering form etc. is slightly increased by 0.51% from 3.45% in Q1 2007 to 3.96% in Q1 2008.

Percentage of visitors leaving a page without visiting any other page i.e. bounce rate, increased by 6% from 32.9% in Q1 2007 to 38.9% in Q1 2008.

Reasons for shopping cart abandonment:

According to ComScore research with Paypal 2008, reasons for US online shoppers to abandon shopping carts are as follows.

High shipping charges: People seek low prices for the products. When they complete total purchase transactions they are surprised of high shipping charges. High shipping charges made 43% of online shoppers abandon shopping cart.

Comparison: Consumer adds items to their cart to determine the total cost of buying (e.g. tax, shopping and product costs). People make comparison shopping on other e – commerce websites prior to purchasing. 27% of online shoppers are comparing products at other web sites before making a purchase.

Check out process: People should make registration prior to purchasing. It requires more personal information and people are hesitant to give the information. After registration process, username and passwords will be allotted. For every visit, online shoppers should remember their username and password. 14% of online shoppers forgot their username and passwords.

Technical problems: Technical and navigational failures at the website make people to wait more time and they do not like to visit again.

High shipping fees is the main reason for abandonment of online shopping carts, as online shoppers concern about costs. More people are using shopping carts to compare the prices on other e – commerce sites. E-retailers should design new strategies to attract online shoppers and make them to complete the sales transaction successfully. offers small business Internet marketing services across the U.S.A. Marvist specializes in professional SEO services, local search optimization and PPC Management. Since establishment in 2005, SEO professionals at Marvist have earned the goodwill of clients by their uncompromising commitment to its values while delivering expert services.

Shopping – Bazaar Area Of Socrates Street, Old Town

Rhodes Island is perfect place for a person who wants to get away from stresses and tired life, relax and refresh. A tour of the Rhodes town is quite a lengthy business, given the number of monuments, there are to see. There are numerous beaches that border the seacoast of the island. As you wander slowly or unhurriedly through the streets and roads of that city you will encounter the diverse and rich history of the island along with its dazzling beauty.

The distinctive contributions of this island have made it admired purpose for spending holidays for all people and foreigners, from all countries around the world. The different kings that occupied this island have left their mark with Turkish Baths and mosques, Italian architecture, museums and a palace. You can spend your all the holidays here as all necessary services are available including Rhodes accommodation, shops, parks, playing areas, museum, clubs etc. One can enjoy a contented stay at Domus Studios Rhodes.

Old Town of Rhodes:

The old town of Rhodes still remains the most fascinating part of the island. The relics and monuments from the history provide a live evidence of invasion and rule of multitude of invaders. The effect of these invasions can be seen in architecture, archaeology and culture of the town.

Shopping in Old Town:

Old Town of Rhodes is located on the northern tip of Rhodes Island and is surrounded by an imposing defensive wall. The wall is a wonder of medieval architecture and enfolds Byzantine memorials, Greek ruins, Rhodes accommodation, medieval monuments and Turkish Bazaars.

One can find many shopping facilities in the old town. Especially jewelry and leather goods are found in great variety over here. Tourists bazaars can be a little expensive but if you find a Rhodes accommodation in old town, you can simply walk through small streets of these tourists bazaars and find the best deals and gifts.

Socrates Street:

In the old town you can find shops of almost everything including music items, leather bags and goods, clothes, towels, shoes, souvenirs and jewelry. One of these complete shopping areas is the Socrates Street.

Socrates Street lies on the opposite side of Suleiman Mosque. It is an old Turkish bazaar where many tourist shops are found in a line. For all tourists especially the shopaholics it is a must visit bazaar.

Colorful Ambiance:

Shopping in this cobblestone street of Sokratous is very fun and pleasant. It is visited by almost every tourist who lives in a Rhodes accommodation in the old town. There are a variety of colorful shops in the street that sell different products.
The colorful shops against the dull historical architecture of the town create a great ambiance. In the streets you can meet many locals that will happily help you find the best deals. There are also some restaurants in the street that you can access easily from your Rhodes accommodation anytime.

Variety of items:

There are different categories of shops available, and you can get great variety and quality of products for selection. It is the ideal place for buying different gifts or important things. The special ones are rugs, leather materials, ceramic objects with a deer on them, olive oil and different olive goods, fruits, silver and gold jewelry, clothes, furs, local wines and different types of sponges which are an attraction here.

Visitors from different origins cannot get bored in Rhodes old town because here many interesting and appealing things to buy and take home when you come to Rhodes. You can find your required gift for relatives at suitable prices.

Buy Ghee in India from Grocery Shopping Store Online

Another popular item is ghee in India. The Indians are known for the consumption of ghee and other milk products like paneer and dahi. So the online retailers should try to ensure that these products are also available. But since these products are highly perishable, the retailers have to ensure that the quality is maintained throughout the supply chain, from manufacturer to the end user. Many online shops save the information from your previous orders to create shopping lists that you can use on subsequent visits. While the first time you do your grocery shopping online may take a bit of time, subsequent shopping orders can be done quickly and easily. And no more waiting in thecheckout lines. Your groceries will be delivered right to your door or in some cases right into your kitchen. So now all the trouble of going to a supermarket to buy grocery can be avoided by making those purchases online.

Online grocery store has been started now in Bangalore!!!! It’s really a happy moment for all bangaloreans. Now we can save our time instead of shopping in the outside food stores. Spending 2 to 3 hours for buying our daily needs like grocery, vegetables, fruits etc., in the outside stores and super markets can be stopped by purchasing all our household things from the online grocery shopping. This online grocery store is giving so many discounts on all the items what we purchase from here. Online Grocery shopping is very easy to do; we have to complete sign in process if we are doing the purchasing for the first time by giving our details like phone number, email id’s etc., for the next time onwards we can just login and we can do the shopping. Grocery shopping will become trend within 2 to 3 months in Bangalore and also in India by using this grocery shop.

Food store is very near to the customers now, no need to standing in the long ques for billing they can get their food items at their door steps by using online grocery shopping. No need to take trolleys and search for the food items in the supermarket, we can sit at one place and we can order any food items through online grocery store. In this grocery stores all food items with all brands available you can search according to brand wise or else we can see randomly also. Online Grocery shopping includes not only grocery we can buy all household things from this online grocery store. For example meat, confectionary items, fruits and vegetables etc., so we can say it’s a online supermarket where we can buy each and every house hold items at lesser rates. Our ordered items will be delivered at free of cost that means free shipping.

Benefits Of Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping provides extra cash, products and services and so much more. The flexibility of mystery shopping appeals to students, stay at home moms and full time workers that need some supplemental income. Because you are an independent contractor (the boss), you can select shops convenient to your schedule. This flexibility provides freedom not found in traditional paid hourly part time jobs. You can also benefit from products and services that are a part of some shops. How about having the carpet shampooed, plumbing repairs completed, and oil changed in the car. You can find reimbursement for numerous meals ranging from fast food to fine dining and some of these shops include a small fee in addition to the reimbursement. The best cash producers are banks, financial institutions, apartments, assisted living facilities and new car sales. Obviously you would not purchase a car or lease an apartment.

What are some of the other benefits? You can actually have fun doing the job. You may have a shop that sends you to the mall to evaluate a clothing store and make a small purchase. You may evaluate a coffee shop and have the satisfaction of knowing that the cost of the special coffee and pastry will be reimbursed. It tastes even sweeter!

Mystery shopping can be educational. By doing evaluations at financial institutions, you can learn a lot about investments. You can be educated on the differences between fixed annuities and variable annuities and the advantages/disadvantages of mutual funds.

There is the added benefit of doing an evaluation when the customer service was excellent. You know that the employee will be recognized for their good performance. Some shops are actually used as a part of determining bonuses for employees. Its a good feeling to know that you have been a small part of a good thing. On the other hand, if customer service was less than stellar, your evaluation may be a small part of re-training or replacing that employee.

Overall, mystery shopping is a great way to make some money, get some freebies, learn some things and do some good.

The Best Shopping Malls in Bangkok

Bangkok shopping malls are big enough as well as plentiful enough to match virtually any American or European city. Here you’ll find a wide array of high end goods, brands and international dining establishments. Here is a listing of a few of the most popular shopping venues in town, where they are and the best buys at every place. >

Siam Paragon Shopping Complex – Rama I Road, Pathumwan

Get ready for the ultimate in high class shopping at the extravagant, luxury Siam Paragon shopping center, the most recognized spot for Bangkok’s well off citizens. Be mindful however, for it comes with high prices to match its reputation. It’s full of designer label boutiques, such as the likes of Versace, Gucci as well as Chanel, with gourmet food restaurants, cinemas, arcades and more, Siam Paragon has it all, if you can afford it!

Where: Rama I Road, Pathumwan

Best Buys:Gold, jewelry, designer label outfits

MBK – Rama I Road, Pathumwan

The favored central shopping mall for lots of price minded tourists as well as Thais, MBK might almost be considered a Bangkok market with air condition. Gleaming and spotless like its neighbor Siam Paragonacross the street, that’s where the paralels come to an end because you won’t find designer labels anywhere in here. MBK contains an amazing number of little shops and stalls, with the broadest variety of goods you’ll come across any place in the city. As well as the apparently unlimited variety of clothing, neclaces and souvenirs to choose from, MBK is perhaps most well known for its electrical goods, having one whole floor devoted to the sale of laptops, cell phones, CDs, mp3s and much more.

Where: Rama I Road, Pathumwan

Best Buys: Pc accessories, mobiles, tailor made outfits

MBK Bangkok

Platinum Mall – Phetchaburi Road, Ratchathewi

For shopping garments there’s simply no better location than the Platinum Mall inside the Pratunam area. Showcasing six floors of small shops as well as privately operated outlets, this new shopping mall is ideal for good deals on all kinds of clothing, which includes denim jeans, shirts, shorts, hats and caps, footwear, hand bags, jewelry, swimming wear as well as accessories of any kind.

Where: Phetchaburi Road, Ratchathewi

Best Buys: Garments, fashion accessories, shoes and hand bags,

Platinum Mall

Pantip Plaza – New Phetchaburi Road, Ratchathewi

This particular indoor IT retail center houses a huge selection of little shops selling, fixing and buying all types of electronic products. Though it is most well-known for offering pirated copies of all types, good deals can be made there on computers, parts and repair.

Where: New Phetchaburi Road, Ratchathewi

Best Deals: PC parts and accessories, second-hand products of all kinds, pirated copies (even though this is illegal and the police have periodic crack downs)

Plantip Plaza

In addition there are a number of other well known department stores lsuch as The Emporium, Naraipan, Gaysorn Plaza and Central Plaza to name a few.

There are also various other popular shopping malls like The Emporium, Naraipan, Gaysorn Plaza and Central World to name a few.

Happy shopping 🙂

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Doing online shopping in the proper way

In order to strengthen the confidence of the consumer with regard to worldwide online shopping, there are relevant regulations that oblige the site operator to inform their clients by providing complete details about their product. They also need to ensure time for consideration. This is done through a waiver clause, besides a right to withdrawal from the online contract for their clients. There are many ways to protect ourselves from various difficulties as well as annoyance this way. Moreover, it is possible to avoid future legal disputes doing online shopping from a website where complete detailed information is available. It is important to be aware of the various specific conditions for exercising your right of withdrawal from any online contract. While doing worldwide online shopping, it is better to stay away from all those campaigns and discount offers that appear too good to be true. These general tips and advices should serve as guidance for everyday use during online shopping. >

Basically, the fact remains that online shopping can save you a lot of money especially when you are combining with various online savings codes besides deals of the day, as well as various free shipping offers.

It is important to note that retailers are not always offering the same deals in their brick and mortar stores as they tend to do at their own online stores. There can be many reasons for this. One of them is that the costs of running an establishment are considerably higher than operating an online store. There are factors like rent, electricity, besides payroll, fixtures, as well as shrinkage loss that are to be considered. All these contribute to the gross margin as well as overhead of doing business in the traditional way.

Today these retailers are discovering that they are able to meet the needs of their customers by having lesser operational expenses. This is made possible by having an online location rather than a physical store. Many of these online retailers pass these savings to their customers by reducing the costing of their products.

In fact, online shopping is a great way for finding those products that are being liquidated. These products get housed in a central warehouse. This allows the retailer to sell such products longer as he is able to let them lie unsold with no effect on his profit margin. This will be useful for getting big savings for those customers who do worldwide online shopping for purchasing the not so current products.

Advantages Of Shopping At An Online Boutique

As the recent rise in online shopping continues, more and more unique online stores are appearing and this trend has continued in the fashion industry with a extensive variety of online boutiques offering a wide range of designer clothes.

Many people are taking to the idea of shopping at an online boutique rather than a ‘brick and mortar’ boutique. There are many reasons for this change in preference.


Shopping at an online boutique has become much more convenient than shopping at your conventional boutiques. No matter what time is it you can browse through an extensive range of goods, rather than having to make a mad dash after work to your favourite London boutique you can wait till you get home and relax whilst you shop. In addition, the customer does not have to travel for long distances in order to make a purchase. He or she can also obtain detailed information about the product whilst viewing it online.


Variety is a very important feature of an online boutique. Since the online boutique is not as limited by space as a conventional boutique, the owner can afford to keep more variety in the store. In fact, for a customer, variety is a blessing. After all, who would not like to choose between different designer lines, colours and sizes? It offers more choice and thus, is more convenient.

Immediate Information:

With an online boutique, the consumers do not have to seek a vendor for information on the product. Besides, boutique vendors usually fail to give the negative points regarding a product. At an online boutique, the customer can look at a product and surf through the reviews of other users before making a decision.

Lack of Pressure:

In addition, the consumer is not under pressure to buy from any particular online boutique. You can surf through the products for however long you wish without feeling obliged to make a purchase. This is a major point in the favour of the online boutique. Since the customer feels liberated, he/she is sure to prefer the online boutique to the conventional shops.

Fashion Review:

Many online boutiques now have their own blogging and fashion advice sections, reviewing numerous designer clothes offered through their boutique. This advice can be priceless with detailed reviews of different clothing styles and designers, which work well together. They also help point out new independent designers, or new designer clothing lines which have just been released, allowing you to get the future must have clothing apparel.

Online Shopping A shopping thing at your fingertips

Why is it that a lot of people prefer online shopping rather than the traditional shopping? Well, simply because the traditional or old fashioned style of shopping needs to go out that will take almost all of your time, going from one boutique to another one and selecting the items that you want to purchase will truly take some time, especially if you don’t have anything in mind to buy, it will truly take most of your time and before you knew about it, it is time to go home already, that is why shopping online were introduced to the public to help the people maximize their time to much more important things that will definitely need their presence. This type of shopping is very convenient and easy, and with just one click in your button, you are already in the site that you want to visit that are probably selling the things that you want to purchase for your family needs. >

Online shopping is of great help to people that don’t have much time going out to do some shopping. These are corporate persons, busy house mother that have couple of kids to look after, those on-call people where in the nature of work does not have stable time, and many other individual that were too busy working to support the needs of the whole, and don’t have much time to unwind. Shopping online offers many things for everyone conveniences. You can check in the internet for your shopping needs some household and office needs, school requirements and projects and most importantly for your personal enhancement and needs. Online shopping offers discounts and promotional items. For business people, free shipping and bulk orders for discounted items were negotiable as well. Thus, there are too many advantages worldwide online shopping can give to their customers and viewers that often visit them.

Shopping outside with your family is one way of developing the relationship of each members of the family, but with shopping online it can be compared as less stressful. Outside shopping can give you the chance to use your time with more important chores to do. With such hectic schedules of busy people, shopping online really helps them a lot, for they don’t have to hurry on what they are presently doing just to spare some time for online shopping. One need not to be afraid as well for everything they possibly need is there in the website, waiting to be search and with just a click you can own them. The different items are available, possible shipping is negotiable, and comparing of such prizes from one site to another of the same item is posted as well, so what are you waiting for, open your personal computer, and enjoy worldwide online shopping that is very well-known at our present time.