Celebrity Bridal Jewelry How To Look Like A Celebrity Bride

Do you want to look as elegant as your favorite celebrity on your wedding day? Whether you adore Gwenyth, Beyonce, Halle, Angelina, Sandra Oh, Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson or any other megawatt actress, you can easily emulate her superstar style without much effort. Its easy, because contrary to what you might think, looking like a star does not require you to hire expensive stylists, amass a titanic budget or have friends who lend like Harry Winston and Fred Leighton. All you need to know is what jewelry style works with your dress, how your personal style fits in, and where to find the ultimate bridal jewelry. Then, simply work your confident attitude like your favorite celebrity to carry off her superstar look. Youll be a stunning bride on your big day for sure!

To get started: Think about your favorite celebrity and her signature look. What about it appeals to you? Her effortless elegance? Her flair for drama? Her always-fresh take on an old classic? Steal the best of her looks and make them fit your own. Then, consider whether her style works with your bridal gown, your personal style, and how you envision your big day. For example, if you love Drew Barrymore for her earthy bohemian chic and youre having an outdoor beach wedding, youre good to go. Look through recent photos of her and see what jewelry she wears with her boho outfits, and how that might translate to wedding day jewelry. (To get Drews signature style, dont forget to tuck a flower behind your ear.) On the other hand, if you love Jennifer Lopezs sophisticated style but youre having a laid-back afternoon affair, save the sophisticated look for another time, say, your bridal shower or rehearsal dinner.

Now that youre thinking about which popular wedding jewelry style fits with your ceremony, select the category below that most closely matches the look youre after. Read on for specific tips on choosing the perfect bridal jewelry that will have you looking and feeling as if Nicole Ritchie loaned you her stylist for the day.

Classic: Simple, clean crisp lines, loads of delicate lace, white pumps or strappy sandals, and a traditional veil or pillbox hat define the wedding style we all call classic. Think Grace Kelly in her real-life wedding to Prince Rainier or Mena Suvari in the movie Rumor Has It and youll get the picture. Accessorize the classic look with simple, elegant accessories. A classic diamond or pearl pendant, possibly in a heart shape, paired with delicate pearl and diamond earrings or simple pearl studs are all you need. On a budget? Adorn Brides (find them online) is a great place to lease gorgeous classic wedding jewelry. (You can lease a $10,000 necklace for $330). Looking for pearl bridal jewelry styles? Conduct an Internet search on pearl jewelry or freshwater pearl jewelry to find affordable pearl styles you can wear long after the wedding. Not sure what bridal jewelry combination will work best? A delicate pendant paired with classic pearl studs and bare wrists is a look that never goes out of style.

Innocent: To picture the innocent bride look, think Gwyneth Paltrow in Emma. If youre going after a softly feminine look, defined best by the empire-waist bridal gown, accessorize simply. Think gold and pearl pieces. Illusion pearl necklaces, illusion pearl bracelets, simple gold bangles or a gold pendant with seed pearls also complement this look perfectly. Or, wear pearls in your hair (perhaps a curly updo a la Gwenyth?) and carry a gold clutch. White ballet flats capture the sweetly innocent bride look perfectly.

Glamorous: Think Jennifer Lopez in Monster-in-Law or Heidi Klum in real-life (her 10-carat stunning engagement ring from Seal epitomizes glamour girl style). Glamorous celebs and glamorous brides wear the classic glamour bride look: a gown with a corseted bodice paired with opera gloves. Glamour brides typically forego a necklace as it competes with an intricate bodice. If you do opt for a necklace, try to find something vintage or vintage-inspired, like a pearl pendant set in filigreed metal. Be minimal and classic.

Sixties-inspired: Think Angelina Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Accessorize a short, Jackie-O-style gown and simple veil with pearl and diamond or CZ studs, and a simple, classic 18-inch white pearl strand. Choose freshwater pearl jewelry if youre on a budget: Pearl experts say that thanks to improvements in culturing techniques, todays freshwater cultured pearls are every bit as luminous as their saltwater cousins.

Pink: The hem of style icon Gwen Stefanis unforgettable wedding gown was tinted a gorgeous pink hue. Reese Witherspoon donned her characters signature pink shade to wed hunky Luke Wilson in the hit movie Legally Blonde Two. Apparently, pink is all the rage among the fashionable. Going pink like Gwen and Elle Woods? Whether youre wearing blush or deep fuchsia, accessorize your pink bridal gown with the perfect pink accessory: pink pearls. Find gorgeous, affordable pink pearl jewelry at Moon River Pearls (youll find them online). But keep this non-traditional look simple: A pink pearl pendant or pink pearl strand paired with pink pearl earrings looks wonderful; too much and youll look like cotton candy. A multi-strand pink pearl cuff can be stunning on its own.

Modern: Carolyn Bessette Kennedy: In her real life wedding to John Kennedy Junior, Carolyn was the epitome of modern chic in her stunning white column sheath. A classic bouquet and a simple updo kept the look fresh. Like this style yourself? Complement clean, modern lines with simple, elegant pearl jewelry. A classic 16-inch pearl drop pendant, pearl drop earrings or pearl studs, or a multi-strand white pearl bracelet all fit the bill. (Jennie Garth wore a stunning multi-strand white pearl cuff bracelet in her real-life wedding to actor Peter Facinelli.) Another huge wedding jewelry trend that is popular today: the 1920s look. Layer long and short strands of pearls or chains, or wear darkened Victorian metal, which has a romantic, old-world feel, over your modern bridal gown.

More bridal jewelry ideas:
Bold jewelry is modern and popular. Stick to one or two standout pieces.
Today, brides are wearing wedding gowns with colored sashes beneath the bust or at the waistline. For a black-sashed wedding gown, choose a black Tahitian pearl necklace, black pearl choker or black pearl bracelet. Matching black pearl earrings complete the look.
Black freshwater pearls are an affordable alternative to Tahitian black pearls.
Having a beach wedding? Wear shell jewelry, coral jewelry, mother-of-pearl jewelry or freshwater cultured pearl jewelry.
Lavender pearl jewelry looks especially fresh and luminous right now, and works with most skin tones.
Check out pink pearl jewelry for your flowergirls. (Find them online by searching childrens pearl jewelry.)
If you choose a tiara, keep other jewelry simple. Tiaras are big and bold all by themselves.
For a new take on an old classic, wrap a strand of pearls around your wrist.
Drop earrings perfectly frame a brides face in a close-up photo.

One final tip: The Internet is a great place to comparison shop for jewelry, and is usually far less expensive than retail stores. Just make sure youre buying from a reputable site with a secure store (youll see a logo such as SiteSafe or Verisign somewhere on the site). The site should clearly and prominently list its toll-free number and other contact information; beware the site that doesnt. Finally, be sure to check return policies before you buy; you dont want to get stuck with bridal jewelry you hate on your wedding day! Bonus: Some Internet jewelry stores offer free shipping and a free gift with purchase, which can double as a maid-of-honor gift.