Clearance Jewelry That Looks Like A Million Bucks

Who says that inexpensive jewelry cant look like a million bucks? Consumerist society has taught us that we need to spend the big bucks in order to get something that sparkles, but that simply isnt true. The proof is in the pudding its all in how you wear it! Even a necklace that you spent 99 cents on can look fabulous if its styled right. Wear things with confidence, and it wont matter that you got them on the clearance rack!

For incredibly low prices, you can get great pieces that are uniquely you. One of the hottest trends on the red carpet has fashionistas making bold statements with jewelry with price tags under 50 dollars. This is proof that the lower priced stuff doesnt necessarily have to look low priced. Clearance jewelry, when done right, can absolutely look like a million bucks!

Suzanne Somers Pear Cut Ring

Theres really nothing better than an oversized piece of statement jewelry and what better way to make a statement then with a glowing jeweled cocktail ring? Cocktail rings have come back in a big way over the past few seasons, and it seems they arent going anywhere. Suzanne Somers version is under $20, and comes in Ruby, Emerald or Sapphire, so you can easily match it to your birthstone or just choose your favorite color! This ring adds a fun pop of color to any outfit. It would look great with a little black dress for a night out, but its sophisticated and tasteful enough to ramp up your work outfit too. Were picturing it with skinny jeans, a nice white shirt, brown belt and black blazer. Match it up with a simple gold necklace and some gold studs and youre good to go!

Freshwater Pearl Necklace

There is nothing that says class like a pearl necklace. Pearls are the epitome of timeless chic they will never, ever go out of style. From Audrey Hepburn to Carrie Bradshaw, pearls have always been, and continue to be, an outfit staple. If youre looking to add an ounce of class to your daily ensembles, look no further than this pearl necklace a sensational strand of pearls that gleams in the sunlight and offers a single string of gorgeousness. No matter what you wear these with, be it a cocktail dress or a simple sheath, a Chanel suit or a pair of jeans and a ratty faded tee, youll up the fashion ante. Pearls are the kind of baubles you can hand down to your kids, who will hand them down to their kids, and so on and so forth. Dont let this classic get away!

Marquise Hoop Earrings

If theres one item every woman needs in her closet, its a pair of gold hoops. Gold hoops are the little black dress of the jewelry world. They go with absolutely everything, from fancy gowns to laid-back Sunday outfits. Theyre classic and classy, sophisticated and edgy at once. Spruce up any look with these delightful gold earrings, which boast an added texturized element to spice things up. Gold hoops arent trendy unless you count being in style for thousands of years a trend. Favored by everyone from Cleopatra to Beyonce to Sienna Miller to the girl next door, gold hoops dress up any outfit in a snap. Timeless sophistication can be yours with these earrings in your jewelry box. If you want to be the girl everyones eying, look no further than these gorgeous hoops.

Garnet and Sapphire Bangle Bracelets

If theres one style of bracelet that never goes off trend, its the simple bangle. Whether you wear just one for a delicate look or pile them on for a trendy, ethnic vibe, you cant go wrong! Any sort of gold bangle will hit it out of the park, but these gorgeously fashionable ones, studded with tiny garnet and sapphire crystals, take beautiful and stylish to a whole new level. Wear them together for understated elegance, or choose to wear them with your other bangles for a look thats hip and exciting. The bangle is a favorite of celebrities and style stars all over the globe from slim to chunky, basic to glamorous. Bangles take any boring outfit to a higher level, elevating your style from drab to fab in under ten seconds!

As you can see, even clearance rack jewelry can take you places. Just because it doesnt cost a million bucks doesnt mean it cant look like a million bucks. Styled right, even the most inexpensive piece of jewelry can look uber expensive. Find the perfect pieces of clearance jewelry for your collection now!