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One of the celebrated festivals of Osaka, Japan Tenjin Matsuri is a two-day extravaganza. A procession of numerous people follows priests and the holy shrines, known as Mikoshi. The procession starts from Tenmangu Shrine in Osaka to Tenjin Bridge. The procession heads towards the water after reaching the bridge. The parade features more than hundred brightly adorned boats, which sail past the Dojima River to the Okawa River. Millions of viewers witness this gala spectacle, as fireworks light up the sky. This large-scale event brings in tourists from far and wide. If you are planning to catch glimpses of the Tenjin Matsuri Festival in Osaka, Japan, you must book your accommodation fast. Hotel booking must be done before-hand to avoid last-minute rush. You can go through various sites for hotel booking worldwide and search for Japan hotels near the Tenjin Matsuri Festival in Osaka, Japan. Find out which hotel offers the best discounts from discount hotel booking sites.

You must ensure that your hotel is located close to the venue of the Tenjin Matsuri Festival in Osaka, Japan. The festival boasts of a thousand-year old history. It was first observed as an act of purging and the beginning of deification of Michizane Sugawara. The festival is celebrated now with a lot of enthusiasm and zeal. A bunch of enthusiastic people puts in a lot of effort to make proper arrangements, to ensure a successful finale of this big event. Participants get together early morning at the point from where the kicks off. The participants dress in their best costumes and decorate the Mikoshi or holy shrine for the parade towards the river.

The procession begins from the shrine, which was constructed in the year 949, which witnessed a series of catastrophes, thought to be unleashed by Michizane Sugawara, just after his death. According to popular perception, his spirit assumed the shape of god of thunder Raijin. The shrine was erected to pacify him. Soon after, the calamities ended. This eminent luminary is today revered as a god of learning.

Every group of the procession has a banner and lantern bearer upfront. Dancers and musicians follow the group. Many changes have overcome the Tenjin Matsuri Festival in Osaka, Japan over 1000 years. Originally, a holy spear was made afloat along the shore of the shrine. A purification ceremony took place at the point where the spear finally reached. People from the surrounding towns and villages constructed boats and took part in the celebrations for the new god.

Music is an integral part of the festival. The type of music played and the instruments used in the ancient times have been carried to the present day. These musical tones are regarded as holy, as per the Shinto tradition. The Palanquins, another major part of the festival, were used in the old days to move the rich affluent over the city. Today, palanquins along with the Mikoshi are driven by people with heavy ropes.

As the boats arrive at the Tenjin Bridge, innumerable visitors gear up to go on board. When the shrine or mikoshi is put into the boats, the boats move downstream. On their way, people enjoy Japanese music, arts, theatre and arts. As the festival takes place during the month of July, make sure that you book your hotel for this time from online hotel booking. Whether you are searching for luxury hotels or cheap hotels, online hotel booking services will help you find you the best suitable accommodation.