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Bangalore Shopping Malls

It is believed that the measure of a city’s appeal relies inside the fence of its malls or so goes the famous mantra of shopaholics across the globe. And if that is the case, the city hailed as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore beats all others to emerge to the top as the most attractive zip code in Karnataka. As the undeniable shopping capital in the area, Bangalore is a hotspot for purchasers on the lookout for the prototypical mall experience in the heart of India’s southern state. Below is a comprehensive review about some of the popular shopping malls in Bangalore:

Forum Mall

Situated on Hosur Main Road in Koramangala, Bangalore, Forum Mall is a shopping mall is kind of a tempting venue when you want to experience some retail therapy in a typical Bangalore style. Distinguished as the go to place for Swarovski Crystals and universal brands like Tommy Hilfiger, this 625,000 square foot mega shopping mall presents shoppers with fashionable Indian wear including customary khadis. PVR movie theatre and a traditional British pub in Forum Mall guarantee an extravagant shopping experience like no other.

Address: Hosur Main Road, Koramangala, Bangalore 560095.

Landmark: Near Big Bazaar.

Garuda Mall

Located in Magarth Road near Brigade Road, Garuda Mall is a huge mall spread across 300,000 sq ft of land. It is comprised of 5 storeys and roughly about 150 stores. One will be able to find anything under the sun on sale in this haven. Inox, one of the renowned multiplex is located here which adds up to the source of entertainment.

Address: 15, Commissionaire Junction, Magrath Road, Bangalore 560025.

Landmark: opposite to Home Stop.

Cosmos Mall

Cosmos Mall has turned into a high-flying shopping center of Whitefield and Marthahalli. The Mall encompasses a perfect blend of Lifestyle and value brands. The entire retail space in the mall is 145,000 sq ft consisting ground plus 4 storeys. The 4th floor has giant rooftop Food Court and Sports Bar Xpress. The distinctiveness of the Sports Bar Xpress lies in its amenities like pool table, cricket field, basket ball and dart games.

Address: ITPL Road, Brooke Fields, Bangalore 560037.

Landmark: Next to HP Petrol Bunk.

Gopalan Legacy Shopping Mall

Spread across a whopping 138,000 sq ft of land, Gopalan Arch Mall is an ultramodern glass structure comprised of 4 storeys. The mall constitutes of 3 screen multiplex, a food court, play area for children and lot more. It is under construction is to be completed soon. Some of the brands that you will able to find are Nokia, Adidas, Coffee Shop, Benetton, Food Court, Upper Crest, Live In, Wrangler, Raymonds, Derby, Classic Polo and many more.

Address: 148, Mysore Road, Bangalore 560026.

Landmark: Near Siris Circle.

Shoppers Stop

Hailed as the Harrods of Bangalore, Shopper’s Stop is just another underscore in addition to the 5th Avenue Mall where men and women’s wear, fine jewelry, salons, gaming arcades, and food courts take up the property’s 4 storeys.

Address: Ground Floor, NS Palya, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore 560076

Landmark: Near Jayadeva Hospital.

Online Shopping – Practical, Economical & Fun Method Of Shopping

Major changes are taking place in the world today. Some of them are favourable and some of them are unfavourable. Online shopping is one of the favourable changes that have taken place. The emergence many online shopping companies providing great services and products online has limited the scope of physical market and widen the scope of online retail stores.
The word favourable is used along with internet shopping is because people find it really easy to shop online rather than going out to the physical markets, driving their cars in crowded roads, carry cash and bank ATMs etc. All you need is one computer with internet and you can buy from a pin to plane from vast internet shopping portal.
The main advantage of internet shopping is that it allows people to browse through many items and categories without leaving their house, to compare the prices of as many shops as they want, and also to order as many items as they can afford without having to worry about how they will transport them, because the online shopping websites also deliver the things to the buyer’s home. Furthermore, the Internet is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you don’t have to hurry or worry about finding a parking spot.
Some people yet think that online shopping not that good as it seems to be. They believe that it has a fake spark. Well no doubt affordable internet shopping has spark but it is not at all fake. Online shopping India companies offer great offers and different schemes to make your shopping more affordable.
Another advantage of online shopping over the physical market shopping is that internet shopping is wider in scope as compare to any other form of shopping. You can choose from a variety of products offered by different internet shopping companies. Other features like free home delivery, credit card payment, bank payments, after sale support, detailed information about the products etc can makes the internet shopping more attractive and worth taking.
After you’ve done some online shopping you’ll see how easy it is and you’ll quickly get used to it. Soon you will know what the best shopping websites like able you buy the things you need in very easy and fast way, saving a lot of time and trouble. Online shopping is the most practical, economical and fun method of shopping, that is perfect for everyone.

Send Diwali Gifts to India in Shortest Time through Gifts2indiaonline

Before Diwali sets in India, the online gifting forum, announces its fastest service of sending Diwali gifts to India. By availing this service, one can send gifts to India on Diwali at the shortest possible time that also from any corner of the world. In this age of World Wide Web, sending a pin to a Porsche has become a kid’s play. But often it is seen that the complete procedure of online delivery takes equal time as sending something via courier. From placing the order to finally seeing the order status -dispatched- can take up to as many as 7 days at times. The time even goes up when there is a special occasion or festival due to higher number of orders. Hence consumers once again face trouble in delivering their token of love and care from abroad. To help Indians in such difficulties, this website has brought out its exclusive Diwali gift delivery in shortest time service especially for those who are living miles away from their near and dear ones.

So with this new service, one can enjoy the fastest delivery of Diwali gifts to India in the shortest possible time. Choosing the gift is also no big deal as the company offers its vast collection of Diwali gift items to pick and send to India, not only on Diwali but in any special occasion and festival. One can send exclusive gold, silver, and diamond jewelleries as well as junk, pearl, and costume jewelleries to the womenfolk in India. Traditional items like silver puja gifts, mouth-watering sweets, and dry fruits are also very much in demand for Diwali. What more? Exclusive Diwali gift hampers and the quintessential Diwali firecrackers can also be taken into consideration without much thinking.

When asked about this new service launch, Mr. Nikhil Poddar, the CEO of Gifts2IndiaOnline sounded cheerful as he said, -We are all happy to bring out this launch pre-Diwali as we all run out of time to choose and select the courier for Diwali gifts. But last hours always come with lots of worries and uncertainties. Here is our service to ensure the last minute delivery of your gifts.- If you want to send Diwali gifts to India at minimum notice then try this option on this Diwali.

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Online Shopping For Aldo Watches And Inglot Cosmetics In India

Online shopping is very much in trend these days; however for some people it is a basic necessity. This kind of shopping is considered fastest and most convenient way to shop. No matter whether you are looking for watches or cosmetic products, you will get it online. There are number of online shopping store that offers wide range of products from top major brands and one such being is Shopatmajorbrands. It is a famous online shopping store that offers wide range of products like watches, sunglasses, cosmetic products, accessories, footwear and many more from top major brands like Aldo, Mango, Charles & Keith, Promod, Nine West, Okaidi, Inglot, La Senza Park Avenue, Provogue and Queue Up.

There are some people who find it difficult, hectic and tormenting to find designer and branded watches in the brick-and-mortar market. For such people Shopatmajorbrands has come up with great collection of Aldo Watches . Aldo brand is famous for the creation of high quality and trendy accessories. The main aim of this brand is to offer both quality and cutting edge trends at affordable prices. At this online shopping store, you will get great collection of Aldo watches for both men and women.

If you are looking for cosmetic products from top major brands then you can directly land up to Shopatmajorbrands. Here you will get cosmetic and beauty products from renowned brand called Inglot. Inglot Cosmetics products are of high quality and are available in different shades. At this shopping store you will get cosmetic products like eye liner, mascara, eye shadow, lipsticks, lip liners, nails enamels, face cosmetics and many other Inglot cosmetic products.

With the advancement of internet technology, many people prefer to shop online. The online shopping popularity has increased a lot in India in recent few years. The main advantage of shopping online is that there you get a great collection of products from top major brands. There are many online shopping stores available on internet that makes it easy for customers to compare products and get the desired products delivered right at their doorsteps. Online shopping save huge amount of time and one can easily get the desired product by making few clicks without any mess and chaos that is usually faced in physical stores. Also, in online shopping you will not find any pushy salesman or woman to interrupt you. There you can shop any of the stuff at your own pace.

th Birthday – What is a Good Gift


With the 50th birthday a person officially comes into the middle age. There are a number of things which can be purchased for them. However nothing crass will do. One needs to go for sophisticated items which reflect your good taste and superior sensibilities. This does not mean that extravagance is the only answer. Think simple and you are going to find success in your gift purchase. Sometimes when you are completely out of ideas regarding things to give, internet can help you to get all the right answers. There are fantastic choices to be had at the online shops and there is all the time in the world to make purchase.

Books are really good gifts for a person of mature age. However, if you know their taste and leanings it will be better since you can decide which book or author will be ideal. Also you may decide to give elegant jewelry pieces which are appropriate for the age. For women think of earrings and bracelets and for the men you can go for tie pins, cuff buttons or also a high quality watch as your budget permits. Floral bouquets are also sophisticated and tasteful items which will bring a smile on their faces.

Giving the person who has reached the age of 50, tickets to a concert where they can spend their birthday in a musical environment is also a good choice. Tickets to a theater will have quite a similar effect. Or you can also arrange a vacation for them where they can enjoy with their close family. We all need some peace and quiet from time to time and if you plan leisure for somebody they are sure to appreciate it very much. There are myriad options which you may pick from when somebody you know is reaching the ripe age at the near future. You can treat them out to a dinner with the items of your choice.

The 50th birthday in the life of a person is an important milestone and so the day should be just perfect in every possible way. And it is up to you to make it a memorable event with the giving of the prefect gift item. There are simple things to which can be given as a birthday gifts to make the right impression. For example consider bunches of fifty items which can make an interesting assortment. A bunch of fifty mixed roses can light up a day for someone.

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Pick Pearl Jewelry At Affordable Price In Kolkata

For past so many centuries pearl jewellery has been immensely popular amongst the emperors, kings, queens and other rich and famous people. Pearl jewellery is actually accepted as a sign of position and status. Even today, the pearls are extremely popular choice of people all over the world. With the prices of gold and diamonds going out of the reach of the common man, the desire to acquire some amazingly beautiful jewellery can be fulfilled by investing in pearl jewellery. Pearls look very classy and elegant. Unlike the ornaments made out of gold and other precious stones, pearl jewellery can be worn for special occasions and daily, without carrying a look of being overdressed.
Kolkata is one of the biggest metropolitan cities of India. There a lot of scope for any talented Jewelry Designer in Kolkata. Thankfully because of the talented jewellery designers today, there is some amazing variety of Pearl Jewelry at affordable price in Kolkata as well. Gone are the days when the residents of the city use to depend on the places like Hyderabad for getting hold of some exquisite pearl ornaments. One can find pearl ornaments made out of natural and cultivated/ cultured pearls. Natural pearls are quite rare and are hence very heavily priced as well. Although, pearl enthusiasts would probably declare that cultured pearls are nevertheless fairly impressive, maintaining this luxury and magnificence. The ornaments made from cultured pearls also allow you to own some amazing jewellery pieces, nonetheless with a less expensive price tag.
Today, the jewellery designers in the city are experimenting a lot with pearl jewellery. They are creating some astonishing fashion pearl jewellery. This segment of fashion pearl jewellery is becoming hugely popular amongst the young and fashion conscious crowd of the city. There are several styles of bead fashion pearl jewellery now available in Kolkata and each and every piece has different style and look. This by any chance just doesnt mean that the variety of designs in the ethnic pearl jewellery is not readily available in the city. The leading jewellery stores of the city have some really amazing and diverse range of pearl ornaments coupled with variation in design plus colours.
Some people prefer coloured ones and other desire to posses the mirror-reflective, white coloured pearls. One can choose from a variety of ornaments like, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, nose pin, bangles, tie pins, brooches, etc. Pearls will always be symbolic of type, class, elegance and sophistication. The reputed and talented Jewelry Designer in Kolkata understands the preferences and likings of the residents of the city. They are well aware of the fact that no one can resist the temptation of possessing Pearl Jewelry at affordable price in Kolkata. The various leading jeweler outlets in the city have some amazing pearl ornaments to suit the needs, taste and pocket of the residents of Kolkata. They also offer great discounts and provide a certificate of authenticity on all their products. So, simply go ahead and grab your dream pearl necklace now!

Buy Ghee in India from Grocery Shopping Store Online

Another popular item is ghee in India. The Indians are known for the consumption of ghee and other milk products like paneer and dahi. So the online retailers should try to ensure that these products are also available. But since these products are highly perishable, the retailers have to ensure that the quality is maintained throughout the supply chain, from manufacturer to the end user. Many online shops save the information from your previous orders to create shopping lists that you can use on subsequent visits. While the first time you do your grocery shopping online may take a bit of time, subsequent shopping orders can be done quickly and easily. And no more waiting in thecheckout lines. Your groceries will be delivered right to your door or in some cases right into your kitchen. So now all the trouble of going to a supermarket to buy grocery can be avoided by making those purchases online.

Online grocery store has been started now in Bangalore!!!! It’s really a happy moment for all bangaloreans. Now we can save our time instead of shopping in the outside food stores. Spending 2 to 3 hours for buying our daily needs like grocery, vegetables, fruits etc., in the outside stores and super markets can be stopped by purchasing all our household things from the online grocery shopping. This online grocery store is giving so many discounts on all the items what we purchase from here. Online Grocery shopping is very easy to do; we have to complete sign in process if we are doing the purchasing for the first time by giving our details like phone number, email id’s etc., for the next time onwards we can just login and we can do the shopping. Grocery shopping will become trend within 2 to 3 months in Bangalore and also in India by using this grocery shop.

Food store is very near to the customers now, no need to standing in the long ques for billing they can get their food items at their door steps by using online grocery shopping. No need to take trolleys and search for the food items in the supermarket, we can sit at one place and we can order any food items through online grocery store. In this grocery stores all food items with all brands available you can search according to brand wise or else we can see randomly also. Online Grocery shopping includes not only grocery we can buy all household things from this online grocery store. For example meat, confectionary items, fruits and vegetables etc., so we can say it’s a online supermarket where we can buy each and every house hold items at lesser rates. Our ordered items will be delivered at free of cost that means free shipping.

Chandigarh Shopping Malls

A nation acknowledged being home to countless cultures, India has innumerable destinations to travel around and one worth bringing up is Chandigarh. It is the planning of the city that is globally famous, considered the 1st and best premeditated city of India. The class of life is complete as well. Serving as the capital city of Haryana, Punjab and the Union Territory of Chandigarh, this metropolis is the doorway of modern India. From tourism to dining in the restaurants in Chandigarh, from discovering the structural design to shopping in Chandigarh, you can use up your relaxing time at ease in this attractive city.

Shopping in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is one of the largest metropolitan cities of India and is moreover a key commercial center of Punjab. The whole city is very well designed and has an extensive choice of shopping centers to cater to the wants of the innumerous fashion minded people dwelling in the area. Right from the renowned international brands like Levis, Pepe, Gucci and Prada to local conventional handiwork products, an exceptional collection of shopping goods are accessible in Chandigarh. The best part of shopping in the city of Chandigarh is that the whole lot is available underneath a single roof, right from garments, shoes and accessories to foodstuffs, amusement and even movie theatres. This saves a lot of time and you can simply have the benefit of the whole day at a single place. Given below is a listing of some of the main shopping centers in Chandigarh:

TDI Mall

TDI mall is intended to offer top-notch shopping and relaxation experience to a set of clients acknowledged for its perceptive taste. This shopping mall is fully equipped with best in class amenities counting centralized air conditioning and total power backup as well. Positioned tactically in the most high-class region of the city, sector 17, TDI Mall proffers an exhilarating retail cum entertainment prospect to the people of Chandigarh. The mall is just 1 km away from the bus depot and a few kilometers away from the railway station. Some of the internationally known brands that are available are adidas, Lee Cooper, Pepe Jeans, Woodland and Archies.

Address: Sector 17, Chandigarh.

City Centre

The trendiest shopping mall is in Sector 17, which is also identified as City Centre. Here, you will virtually be able to find whatever thing you are looking for on this planet. There are ample of handiwork emporiums, but there is no conventional article that is precise to Chandigarh. In fact, they enclose a variety of handcrafted and handloom products collected from adjoining states. While you are shopping in this city, you can check out the customary tip turned up jutes, multi-colored Punjabi dupattas and delicious jams and juices. Here is a guide for you to get to know about the various places where you can get specific goods:

Auto centers: sector 28, 21.

Electronic products: sector 17 and 22.

Fruits and vegetables: sector 26.

Furniture: sector 34 and 7.

Red Chief Brand Is Known For Leather Shoes

Red Chief is a leading footwear company which is famous for making leather shoes for men. Red Chief brand is owned by RSPL Group and marketed by Leayan Pvt. Ltd in India. The company has its own five leather and footwear manufacturing plant. The company was founded in the year 1995 and it launched the Red Chief Brand in the year 1997. At present, this company has more than 1800 employees and a turnover of more than 150 crore rupees for the last to last fanatical year. In the year 1997, the company introduced a wide range of Red Chief shoes in order to meet the rising demand for branded high quality leather footwear that too at an affordable price.

Since 1995 Red chief shoes have been a respected name in the leather industry. The idea behind the innovation of the brand has been its commitment for quality, style and excellence. The brand ensures supply of rich quality material from its tannery to provide a high standard for its footwear. The company makes different styles of leather shoes for men that are meant for different occasions, events, and purposes. The brand offers casual footwear for outing and informal occasions, formal shoes for the official meetings, sandals for comfort while brisk walking, slippers, and many other styles of shoes. The product portfolio of this brand includes Slippers, Loafers, Sandals, dress Shoes, Moccasins, Sneakers, Boots, Powerflex, Chappals, and more. The company also offers footwear accessories such as, belts, footwear spray and polish for the maintenance of the leather shoes.

The company has a team of highly skilled and people in all the departments and is equipped with high-tech machines that help in providing high-quality leather footwear. Red Chief shoes are available in various shades such as black, rust, g-yellow, brown, cognic, dark brown, tan, mash, tubacoo, new mushroom, beige, floter tan, oily rust, and many others. Red Chief leather shoes are available in many sizes, from size 6 to size 10. One can get the shoes with lace and without lace styles. The footwear range starts from rupees 1000 and ends at rupees 3000. Red chief belts are also available in various shades, styles and sizes, from size 36 to size 46. The belt range starts from to rupees 100 to rupees 800.

The company also has a loyalty program in which it offers 5 percent extra discount for all the loyal customers. The brand has categorized the footwear in different sections on the basis of style and occasion. Like any other top brand, even this leading footwear brand is available at a number of online stores. The brand is famous around the nation and has its own online store. From the comfort of home, anyone can get a classy and stylish pair of Red Chief shoes, just with a few simple clicks.

Online Shopping In India For Lee Cooper And Buckaroo Shoes

Not long ago, shoe shopping in India meant hopping from one shop to another, and maybe even from one market to another. Not any longer. Online shopping for shoes has arrived. Web pages filled with shoe styles beckon shoe-lovers to expand their collections. The stylish way to acquire foreign and Indian brands including Buckaroo shoes India is to go shopping on the Internet. Lee Cooper shoes online shopping is just one example.

Lee Cooper shoes online shopping means that you as a resident of India have access to the latest styles and trends that the brand has on offer. Not only for Lee Cooper shoes, you can also browse for Buckaroo shoes India, Nike Shoes, D&G shoes, DKNY, Carlton London, Liberty, to name a few. And that too at the click of a mouse. If you are sitting in a small town or tier-2 city, you need not fret over not having the absolutely latest trend of your favorite brand. On the other hand, living in a metro entails traffic jams and populated market places. The best place for buying fashionable and comfortable shoes becomes the World Wide Web. You can buy any shoe you desire. Buckaroo shoes India or Lee Cooper shoes online shopping give you the style you desire.

Sturdy ankle boots, casual sandals, slip-on shoes in real leather, formal shoes in brown and black with cushioning innersole, lace-up casuals with tough PU sole, oxford style rounded toes are just some of the styles available for Lee Cooper shoes online shopping. Traditionally, men are not known as happy shoppers. But the range available while Lee Cooper shoes online shopping will change their perception about the event. Colors to match their different moods, designs to hold their attention and comfort to enjoy various activities will definitely add to the charm of Lee Cooper shoes online shopping.

Buckaroo shoes India are designed to gear up your style with aplomb. Buckaroo shoes India are meant not only for the conscious fashion followers but also the trendsetters. The astounding multi-colored street casual styles are designed for the cool chic appearance favored by the youth. Sturdy shoes in brown, black and tan let the wearer kick up fads and fashions. Young boys and stylish men will definitely be happy with the variety that online shoe retailers such as BeStylish provide for Buckaroo shoes India.

Like any other deal requiring exchange of money, online shopping also entails precautions on behalf of the purchaser. Developing a trust with sellers such as BeStylish will go a long way in ensuring that hunting for Buckaroo shoes India or Lee Cooper shoes online shopping is a profitable experience.