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The difference between SMD5050 and SMD3528 are :

1.SMD3528 inside package one light-emitting chip, while the SMD5050 inside package three light-emitting chip package.Therefore, theoretically SMD5050 three times the brightness than SMD3528,But usually not as that high. 2.SMD3528: The reason why it is called SMD3528 ,The dimension of this chip is 35mm * 28mm, power is 0.08W / Pearl

SMD5050: The reason why it is called SMD5050 ,The dimension of this chip is 50mm * 50, power is 0.24w/Pearl

45 pcs super bright SMD 3528, DC 12V, 3.6w, 28.8cm 260 lumens

1:Color: Pure White(6000-7000K), Warm White(3000-4000K) 2:Cover: Striated Clear. 3:Voltage: DC 12v led lights.

BENEFITS Immediate power savings Low heat emission reduces load on cooling Eliminates maintenance and reduces costs Improves product visibility

Typical Applications: Open Coolers Bakery Cases LED Modules Advertising / POP Displays Vending Machines Cabinet Lighting LED Lighting Kit


Small Size: SMD LED light source is a very small and light chips enveloped by epoxy resin.

Low Power Consumption: Generally speaking, the voltage per SMD LED is 2-3.6V, current 0.02A-0.03A, very low using voltage and current, it is very low power consumption. equals to 1/8 of incandescent light,1/4 of traditional light.

Long Life Span: Under proper current and voltage condition, the life span of SMD LED can reach 100,000 hrs, compared with the other LED tubes(like Dip LED),the optical decay reduce from 10% to 5% in 1000hrs. Produced by Automatic equipment, via heat emitting technical process, the life span of SMD LED is longer.

High Brightness: Mainly adopted 3528 and 5050/5060 SMD high brightness chip, single SMD LED over 5.5lm/1800MCD.

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